Traducción de physique en Español:


físico, n.

Pronunciación /fəˈzik//fɪˈziːk/


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    físico masculino
    • They are useful in the treatment of debilitated patients to help restore their physique.
    • The heroic muscular physiques in the magazine caught young Brock's attention and fed his desire to work out.
    • A lot of people want to build their physiques right now!
    • At the pinnacle of sport, elite athletes often do battle in equipment built to their individual physiques and needs.
    • The diet which builds up their titanic physiques also harms their health in the long term.
    • Furthermore, proportional physiques simply look better and bigger.
    • It's extremely refreshing to read articles concerning issues about women and seeing women's developed physiques.
    • So then, why is it that so many people just can't build impressive-looking physiques?
    • These are the basic exercises that have been used to build championship physiques year after year.
    • The physique is magnificent: muscles ripple beneath the diaphanous folds of the toga.
    • The past weeks have been spent developing his physique and his technique.
    • Of course, we know there is also a lot of expert evidence about average bodies and average physiques and techniques and the like, but there are weights.
    • While this technical work was going on, Faldo was also developing his physique and his mind.
    • The men are nearly identical in height and size and possess strong, muscular physiques.
    • Because of this, the people of these places have naturally developed different physiques, complexions, customs, clothing and food.
    • By 1540, Henry had become fat and he had lost the muscular physique he had when he was younger.
    • Try as we might, we can never ultimately build flawless physiques.
    • At least it provided an opportunity to note once more how admirably proportioned his huge physique is.
    • Had his career unfolded more smoothly he may not have developed the physique which will muscle him into Vogts' squad.
    • Cormier explained how his views on physique perfection were shaped by the ideal aesthetic physiques of the past.