Traducción de picnic en Español:


picnic, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɪkˌnɪk//ˈpɪknɪk/


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    picnic masculino
    to go for / on a picnic ir de picnic
    • we took a picnic with us llevamos la merienda (or el almuerzo etc.)
    • before noun picnic area zona de picnic
    • picnic lunch almuerzo campestre
    • picnic site zona para picnics / para comer al aire libre
    • When they did visit, they took the train to Argyll under police escort and their grandmother took them fishing or for picnics in the country.
    • This potato salad will remind you of picnics and barbecues.
    • And this was labor day, a holiday when families here would traditionally head for that park and hold picnics, barbecues, play ball, sunbathe and relax at the end of a super hot summer.
    • In this country a classic picnic is as much a family tradition as Sunday lunch.
    • I also noticed plenty of people strolling around the perimeter of wildflower garden and even enjoying picnics on the balmy days of late December.
    • Unwrap the loaf carefully, remove the cut end, and cut into wide slices, ready to eat in the garden or on a picnic.
    • I heard of the clubs and the socialist Sunday schools that organised picnics in the country and study groups.
    • What would draw me to a park would be the opportunity to have barbecues and picnics with my friends, so I could chat and enjoy the nice view.
    • Eating outside is becoming the norm this season with probably more wine being drunk in the garden, at picnics, and at almost every ‘al fresco’ than the last six summers put together.
    • There are picnics plus barbecues and sports activities in the home's fields and grounds.
    • Telling his wife to invite Liena, he declared that he would borrow his father's car and take them out for a picnic in the country.
    • In the summer, the most popular forms of relaxation are trips to the beach and picnics in the countryside, where they roast meat and vegetables over open fires.
    • Thousands more people headed to Crystal Palace Park on Monday evening to listen to the gig from outside, enjoying picnics and barbecues in the sunshine.
    • If the field was allowed to grow like a hay meadow, to encourage meadow flowers and insects that feed on them, an area should also be kept mown or grazed for picnics, barbecues and also, perhaps, with pathways among the long grass.
    • These include hairdressing, chiropody and aromatherapy as well as outings to local gardens, picnics and pub lunches.
    • We were out in the country having a picnic on the land my grandfather had left me several years back.
    • During summers, Danny rode his pony and we all went for long country walks and picnics.
    • You could have a barbecue, organise a picnic in the park or host a stylish dinner party.
    • As with almost all American holidays, it had become a day for feasting, for picnics and barbecues, for BIG SALES!
    • At one point, during a picnic in the garden, we had a fox come over and beg for scraps.

verbo intransitivopicnicked, picnicking

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    (go on a picnic) ir de picnic
    (eat) comer
    we picnicked by the lake comimos junto al lago
    • The region needs a wide diversity of open spaces to cater for our outdoor lifestyle preferences, reflected in the high number of people participating in everything from picnicking to wilderness hiking.
    • Families are picnicking, watching with binoculars and discussing previous races.
    • The launch crew and rowers then picnicked on the beach in high style.
    • I have never really walked on the beach, picnicked, or even just talked for hours.
    • As an impressionist painting, though, the lady and the park she's picnicking in are hazy and roughly-rendered.
    • The facilities now include a fine restaurant, private dining rooms, dining towers and under-cover spaces for picnicking.
    • Opponents are concerned about losing a prime area for migratory birds, as well as an area often filled with families picnicking and children playing.
    • We picnic on a small beach and find a giant fish jawbone.
    • Families picnicked under the trees, and kids swam where canal currents were not too strong.
    • Thousands of people are dancing, picnicking, talking and laughing.
    • They generate noise which affects the tranquility of neighbouring residents and people picnicking in the park.
    • The visitors, lured by the intrigue of the island's rich monastic history, will spend the day exploring and picnicking on golden beaches.
    • Filming in late summer, the Pride cast picnicked and swam naked in the lake between takes.
    • The subject, again and again, is the American family at leisure, picnicking, playing, sightseeing.
    • The park is open year-round, with activities that include self-guided hiking, interpretive tours, picnicking, canoeing, fishing and wildlife watching.
    • If you don't feel like picnicking on goat's cheese, crusty bread and cider, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants around the marketplace.
    • They were all having a good time - playing on the swings, feeling the air and the sun on their faces, picnicking on the grass.
    • Under the freeway bridges, huddles of young men have parked up their cars, set up garden chairs, and are picnicking to hip-hop from battered stereos.
    • The further north you go, the quieter it gets, and you should schedule as many stops as you can for biking, hiking and picnicking beneath the pines.
    • The village green, however, is used by many residents and visitors alike for walking, paddling in the river, picnicking, and just sitting enjoying the peace and quite