Traducción de pig-pen en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈpɪɡˌpɛn//ˈpɪɡpɛn/



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    • They did not use compost, but they often placed their garden near the pigpen, chicken yard, or rabbit hutches so that these animals could convert less palatable garden produce into manure.
    • It is a charming collection of beautiful and practical ideas to answer structural needs that are still necessary: pigpens, tool houses, as well as a host of barns designed according to the whim of the owner and the lay of the land.
    • The farm work included cleaning out pigpens and he soon became known as the ‘Hogman.’
    • Before, she had been just as willing as Ashira was to go into the muddy pigpen or the dirty stables or the smelly, slimy swamp.
    • The sanitary issues of raising more than 50 Labradors in a pigpen apparently didn't set off any alarms, because with demand so high, all the puppies were sold even before they were born.
    • Mr Watkins also showed off a number of pigpens that contain baby and adult pigs, which he said are reared, de-wormed and castrated by inmates.
    • Other factory farms scrape up manure from chicken houses and pigpens, adding it directly to chicken feed.