Traducción de pigeon en Español:


paloma, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɪdʒɪn//ˈpɪdʒ(ə)n//ˈpɪdʒən/


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    Zoología paloma femenino
    Cocina pichón masculino
    pigeon loft palomar masculino
    • Pigeon racing is also a common pass-time and racing pigeons can sell for as much as $350 000.
    • There have been four incidents involving racing pigeons at the airport since 2002, two involving planes landing and two taking off.
    • In one, a white pigeon is perched on a hand round which a serpent, ready to strike, has wound itself.
    • Balloons and 55 white pigeons were launched by radio stations all over the country on the eve of last Friday's concert.
    • Their short breeding cycle allows pigeons and doves to have more broods to compensate for their small brood sizes and relatively high rates of predation.
    • Attacks by birds of prey on Scotland's flocks of racing pigeons are to be officially investigated for the first time.
    • When she turned back Dagmar was gone, a grey pigeon sat on the window sill, high above.
    • It also eats birds such as magpies and pigeons, rodents, wild boar and young deer.
    • He uses homing pigeons to carry messages back home.
    • Recently, global positioning systems have become small and light enough to be carried by pigeons.
    • Until recently, winter nesting in British birds has been very rare beyond a handful of species that include the wood pigeon, feral pigeon, and collared dove.
    • The place even sold white pigeons as ‘pets'.
    • I also see hornbills pass up small - fruited figs that would draw doves and pigeons in by the hundreds.
    • A typical company might charge $250 or more to release 12 white pigeons.
    • The college campus will have pigeons flying and carrying love letters and short messages.
    • Stewart screamed as his father hauled him up, thrashed around with arms to protect his face when a white pigeon suddenly exploded from below him and beat its way into the safe air.
    • Presently it is the abode of wild pigeons, bats, goats, dogs, pigs etc.
    • And lots of animals, from coyotes to common pigeons, mate for life.
    • In 1990, when production of all fruits was relatively poor, the lowest number of pigeons bred for the shortest period of time.
    • Its been estimated by some pigeon fanciers that there as many as 500 wild pigeons in the town centre.
    • She revealed that pigeons in certain town centre areas are being fed raw pieces of meat, pies and pasties, cakes, and full loaves of bread.
    • This diet mimics the composition of crop milk in white Carneaux pigeons, Columbia livia, and the diet of older squabs.
    • Even bigger flocks of white pigeons are a mild distraction; we quickly followed a small crowd that headed for a nearby pond.
    • On a less frantic note, while we go to a rooftop in Rome, dozens of doves, pigeons, were released carrying messages of hope and peace.
    • They release white pigeons at the end of every church service.
    • However, in areas where rabbits are scarce, feral cats will prey largely on wild pigeons and native animals.
    • Suspicions that new and undetectable drugs are being used have grown after samples from scores of racing pigeons in Belgium disappeared.
    • He'd pounce too fast and fall short of the pigeon.
    • After lunch, we walked round the spit and swam in a sea like silk, with only a sea eagle and a few white Torres Strait pigeons for company.
    • Descended from wild rock doves, homing pigeons can locate their lofts, or roosts, even when released several thousand miles away.
    • DNA extracted from specimens of extinct animals has already been used to show that the Mauritian dodo is a close cousin to the common pigeon.
    • Birds such as the homing pigeon comprise most of the short list.
    • So the settlers looked to the land to provide for them, curlews, pigeons and other forest birds along with the occasional wild pig.
    • Other life included a family of German walkers, a mountain biker, and a flock of racing pigeons that skimmed the heather to mitigate a strong south-westerly.
    • Hugo was walking hand in hand with Lindsay as they strolled in the beautiful park; the white pigeons flew around them… he was in heaven!
    • I looked up to see gigantic white pigeons in the treetops.