Traducción de pigheaded en Español:


terco, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌpɪɡˈhɛdəd//pɪɡˈhɛdɪd/


  • 1

    (person) terco
    (person) testarudo
    (person) cabezón coloquial
    (person) cabeza dura coloquial
    (refusal/attitude) obstinado
    (attitude/refusal) empecinado
    • You're a stubborn, pig-headed, self-pitying man who's only thinking of himself and what will happen to him if his hands don't heal!
    • As if on cue, her bedroom door burst open and Jeremy, the stubborn pig-headed nurse strode in, followed by the rest of his crew.
    • ‘All you fighters are the same,’ his wife replied, ‘stupid and pig-headed and waiting to do everything at the last moment.’
    • He did know, he was just stubborn and pig-headed.
    • Why do they call him, variously, treacherous, untrustworthy, racist, pig-headed, short-sighted, dishonest, stupid and vicious?
    • I am firm, you are obstinate, he is a pig-headed fool
    • ‘I can only think I got this nomination because I'm pig-headed,’ she says.
    • I don't think I've ever met someone so pig-headed.
    • In the long term they are probably right; too many of the acts of the senate over the years have been pig-headed, wilful and capricious and simply cannot be justified in a modern democracy.
    • But I'm not so pig-headed to say he was a terrible producer.
    • The next time I see her I'll probably try and talk to her again just to be pig-headed.
    • What keeps me going is a belief in the hospice movement, my pig-headed stubbornness and more recently, the advert for the Cancer Research Fund, which shows three girls playing in a meadow.
    • Ali thanked her stars that Shawn was so stubborn and pig-headed.
    • Only a third-rate mafia would resort to such pig-headed tactics
    • In other words, many people will have given up in confusion, disenfranchised by the pig-headed insistence on the procedure by a Government which has turned what was once a simple, enjoyable experience into a bureaucratic nightmare.
    • They swarm in squalling packs on to the roads, heedless of the rush-hour traffic, defying drivers to confront their pig-headed rebellion against road safety.
    • When the government was properly formed submissions flowed in to cabinet and were rewritten in the ministers' offices, or by pig-headed ministers in the cabinet itself.
    • It's apparently far better to stick pig-headed to your original idea.
    • I reserve the right to ignore everyone's advice and be pig-headed.
    • Once again last week, mothers were being held up as selfish and pig-headed for insisting on taking their children to school by car.