Traducción de Pilates en Español:


Pilates, n.

Pronunciación /pəˈlɑˌdiz//pɪˈlɑːtiːz/



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    Pilates masculino
    to go to Pilates hacer Pilates
    • Given the fact that Pilates focuses on exercising the pelvic floor to build up strength in the tummy and back, it could be a useful tool for pregnant women.
    • He used Pilates to control his stomach muscles and adrenalin to ride the wave.
    • The Nob Hill Spa Wellness Center offers massage as well as yoga, Pilates, and tai chi classes.
    • Light weights, resistance bands and mat Pilates have helped design her tight body.
    • The routine is based on walking and Pilates and is designed for busy women, especially mums.
    • The Pilates system develops strength, flexibility, co-ordination and relaxation.
    • In Pilates, we say to think of the breath coming from the expansion of the sides and the back of the ribs.
    • Sharing Contrology with others, Pilates soon gained recognition as a very successful trainer.
    • It's not the time to up the ante to add more yoga and Pilates, but you need strength and core work to see you through.
    • Nutrition and Pilates programme for mums and mums to be Pilates is the ultimate form of exercise and relaxation for women.
    • I happen to be a big believer that all athletes should to yoga, Pilates, or something similar.
    • A form of gentle, almost meditative exercise such as Pilates may seem far removed from the macho world of football.
    • Yoga and Pilates beginners could be risking their health by attending classes led by untrained instructors, a report warns today.
    • To complement your regular gym workout, try yoga or Pilates to improve your flexibility and endurance.
    • His exercises draw from yoga and Pilates as well as contemporary fitness strategies.
    • Look at what you need to add to your exercise regime - Pilates, cardio or strength training?
    • Since Pilates, I haven't wanted to indulge in any meaningless road rage.
    • Balance those killer workouts with something a bit milder like Pilates or yoga.
    • She also says that she finds that Pilates irons out her dancers' physical problems.