Traducción de pillbox en Español:


pastillero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɪlˌbɑks//ˈpɪlbɒks/


  • 1

    (for pills)
    pastillero masculino
    • Medication calendars or pillboxes labeled with the days of the week can help patients and caregivers know when medications have or have not been taken.
    • Never mix two different drugs in the same pillbox.
    • His face adorns pillowcases, posters, power toys and pillboxes.
    • There are figurines amassed by Christie's father, 20th-century pottery of Anthony's and watches and pillboxes of Christie's.
    • Some people put their pills in a daily pillbox and use alarms to remind themselves to take their medicines.
    • He quickly made a mental list of the empty pillboxes he found on the floor.
    • The special category winner was Annie May Cullanlou for her hand painted pillbox.
    • Provide a written dosing schedule, pictures of medications, daily or weekly pillboxes, alarm clocks, pagers, or other reminders.
    • Try strategies such as organizing your medications for the week in a pillbox, linking your med times to regular events like meals, or marking a calendar when you take your meds.
  • 2also pillbox hat

    (worn by women) casquete masculino
    (worn by soldiers, bellboys) gorra femenino
  • 3

    fortín masculino
    • There is evidence of mine clearing activities, movements of soldiers, bunkers around buildings and military pillboxes perched on the tops of hills.
    • The observant visitor to the Norfolk coast can hardly fail to notice its abundant Second World War defences, especially pillboxes.
    • Examples of less ambitious fortifications abound, like the concrete pillboxes, often hexagonal, which dot southern England.
    • A better coastal trip is the southern route along to Agrigento, dotted with the pillboxes left behind after the war.
    • The survey looked at buildings, from small pillboxes to aircraft hangars, including an unusual water board supply bunker at Blunsdon.
    • Dutch Harbor is an easy two-hour flight from Anchorage, and the area is covered with reminders of the war, from concrete pillboxes to a large, underground hospital.
    • The objective was a ridge with strong points and pillboxes.
    • We had to use grenades to get at the Germans in the cement pillboxes, throwing them through the holes to knock their guns out.
    • The mobile Sherman tanks were not as effective because of the rubble, so they would be hidden in buildings to operate like a pillbox.
    • There is a set of features along its entire length - World War II defence emplacements, otherwise known as pillboxes.
    • He jumped on top of the pillbox, recharged the magazine, threw a grenade in through the door, fired his Sten gun into the box, killing two Germans and making the remainder prisoners.
    • One first world war pillbox was monitored, as were over 40 second world war examples.
    • When I landed I was carrying a 25-pound explosive which I was given to blow up a pillbox on the beach.
    • He almost single-handedly captured two pillboxes on the Mont Fleury Battery and took more than 20 prisoners.
    • Concrete pillboxes stand as if abandoned only hours before, huge guns still point to sea covering narrow deepwater channels, and everywhere is the detritus of a vanquished army.
    • He was dealing with the first part of the events that won him the VC, getting on top of the pillbox and chucking grenades into it.
    • Sandbag-lined bunkers and hastily-constructed concrete pillboxes rose sporadically out of the churned land.
    • Concrete pillboxes were constructed above the high tide mark, soldiers occupied some of the cottages along the shore front and guards prevented anyone going on the beach at night.
    • As a member of the Western Front Association, he is currently trying to save a concrete pillbox on Rochdale Road East, not far from Heywood Cemetery.
    • It has more than two kilometres of trails, a five-acre lake, wartime pillboxes and new woodland.