Traducción de pilot light en Español:

pilot light

piloto, n.


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    piloto masculino
    • No internet, no pilot light in the boiler, and no central heating
    • A pilot light situated on a table directly in front of the seated listeners signaled when they were to make loudness judgments.
    • Mimic woke up, got out of bed, groggily walked into the bathroom and took a shower; a cold shower because the boiler's pilot light went out again.
    • Boiler repair guy arrives and points out that we've had the gas valve half off so we've been starving the feed of gas to the boiler causing the pilot light to go out too often.
    • A Garda spokesman said: ‘Officers think it may have been related to a gas appliance, the pilot light may not have come on.’
    • Have a trained service representative adjust the pilot light if it is yellow or orange.
    • ‘If your water heater goes out, hire a professional to light the pilot light,’ Kealey says.
    • The gas is believed to have been ignited by a pilot light from a boiler, leaving the family's dream home in ruins.
    • The only lights that were on throughout the night were pilot lights at intersections such as at the junction of Connolly / Temple / St. Joseph's Terrace / Mail Coach Road.
    • One such standard is that all gas fireplaces have a safety pilot system and a safety combination valve, making it impossible for gas to flow to a burner until a pilot light is lit.
    • In the old, low-tech days, I could relight the pilot light on my boiler, but now it's just a bunch of circuit boards probably made by people in Korea paid a dollar an hour, so I can't fix it.
    • When an overloaded plug begins to spark or when the pilot light in a boiler ignites in a house where the gas has been left on?
    • The power supply unit features an on/off toggle switch, a red pilot light and a fuse holder.
    • The architect-designed X1 measures 10 inches by 12 inches and has a metal alloy boiler, a chrome-plated brass brewing handle and various flip switches and pilot lights.
    • The pilot light is on all the time, but the boiler is not always giving out heat and power.
    • Perhaps when it gets colder we will once more open the door to the central heating with its elusive pilot light and give it all another shot.
    • Spread reserved beet solids over a sheet pan and place in oven with just the pilot light on; ‘bake’ until dry.
    • Tankless heaters are available with standing pilot lights or an electronic pilot light ignition.
    • Sapp, 64, had called the gas company to light her furnace pilot light.
    • However, the amount of energy consumed by a pilot light is quite small.
    • Turn off the pilot light when using spray oven cleaners.
    • The pilot light will remain lit, maintaining a slightly warm water temperature within the unit until you return home.
    • If you have a gas stove, putting your yogurt in the stove and leaving the pilot light on may be enough.
    • The kitchen was quiet save for the vague hiss of the pilot light in the stove, Beckett's soft snores and the ticking of the old clock on the wall.
    • The tenant in the house next door, Natalie Smith, told Bradford Coroner's Court that she had experienced a problem with the pilot light in her boiler.
    • She claimed that they told her that they had turned off the pilot light on the kitchen stove, turned up the burners, and would open the doors to the children's rooms if she did not cooperate.
    • This unit was equipped with an ‘intermittent pilot light,’ which I took to mean it came on as needed.
    • After weeks without proper rest, the Needles lighthouse was mistaken for a pilot light and the Irex sailed into the since-named Irex Rock in Scratchell's Bay.