Traducción de pinhead en Español:


cabeza de alfiler, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɪnˌhɛd//ˈpɪnhɛd/


  • 1

    (of pin)
    cabeza de alfiler femenino
    • The same printer that publishes Bible verses on pinheads prints the radio frequencies on sectional charts.
  • 2coloquial

    (stupid person)
    cabeza de chorlito femenino coloquial
    pedazo de alcornoque masculino coloquial
    • All they saw was the hero O'Reilly standing to up to the overeducated, anti-religious, arrogant pinhead scientist.
    • So a cross-eyed, buck-toothed pinhead look was the appearance that got you where you needed to be.
    • The cell phone was never envisioned as an instrument of torture that garrulous pinheads could use to inflict pain on their fellow commuters, yet this is what it has become.
    • Despite presumptuous pinheads who think they have her character pegged down to a sexy little stereotype, it's her voice that draws attention.
    • Fresh new pinheads in tuxes and cocktail dresses to look at in the society pages!
    • That's something that you and your stupid newspaper would never do, you pinhead.
    • I am one of those sad little pinheads who think it's really one war, one foe, with a thousand fronts.
    • The new park benches rock, literally; they slide back and forth, and the illiterate pinheads haven't tagged them yet.
    • A kind, loving, and caring man (as opposed to a pinhead playboy) is going to fall for your total being and not your dress size.
    • The only question about these two pinhead thieves is whether they were complete morons before or because of using drugs.
    • But this is what passes for an attempt at thinking among these pinheads.
    • While I want this article to dispel the common stereotype that fanfiction is written by pinhead fangirls desperate to see their favourite characters get it on, it must be admitted that such beings exist in herds.
    • The film is currently banned by the sort of pinheads who think Huck Finn is a racist book and who get offended when people say ‘niggardly’.