Traducción de pinnate en Español:


hoja pinada, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpɪnət//ˈpɪneɪt//ˈpɪneɪt/


also pinnate leaf

  • 1

    hoja pinada femenino
    • Immatures have a weakly developed taproot, and have pinnate compound leaves with two or three leaflets.
    • It has pinnate leaves and racemes of lilac pink flowers, which are slightly fragrant.
    • Green stems are interconnected by sensitive petioles and bear pinnate leaves.
    • All of these foliage forms are planate pinnate fronds, frequently with open venation.
    • In 1794, Moench named A. tuberosa and described it as having tuberous roots, unevenly pinnate leaflets, and purple flowers in lateral racemes.