Traducción de pinochle en Español:


pinacle, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpiˌnək(ə)l//ˈpiːnɒk(ə)l//ˈpiˌnɑkl/


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    pinacle masculino
    • I believe that anyone who plays sports in any realm, whether you're playing soccer, football, basketball, pinochle or bridge, if you're going to go do it, you go to win.
    • To the pedestrians passing by, it looks as if we're playing pinochle.
    • He loved politics, pinochle, and horses, my mother used to say, plus his family.
    • Even if his relationship with Bryant is repaired, even if they play pinochle and go bowling together on their off-nights, the Lakers simply are not good enough to compete for a championship.
    • It would open up a can of worms to make the previous strike talks look like pinochle.
    • I strayed instead into the less elegant world of pinochle, an addiction that almost caused me to flunk out of college.
    • Free is an online pinochle site that offers the most variations of pinochle including both single deck and double deck styles, both the old and new rules.
    • Lisa taught Joscelyn, Alex, and Lydia to play pinochle and poker (for bobby pins or leaves).
    • Points are counted as in normal pinochle to determine if the bidder ‘made’ his bid (one point for each ace, ten and king; one for the last trick: total 25).
    • The men played loud games of cutthroat euchre or pinochle under the trees while the women luxuriated by doing nothing.
    • In summary, no longer does leisure-time enjoyment for the older crowd end with the final hand of pinochle or the last bingo card.
    • We play pinochle and talk about what's going on in the world.
    • On the platform was a small table, and the rabbi, the president, the shames and a trosti were sitting there playing a noisy, heated game of pinochle.
    • So I got good at them all - bridge, checkers, pinochle, you name it.
    • The two sisters played pinochle, drank coffee, ate junk food, and lived in their housecoats.
    • Retiring on a diet of golf and pinochle may be relaxing, but the body, mind and soul crave more.
    • Many books give a lower score of 45 for triple pinochle but a higher score of 300 for quadruple pinochle.