Traducción de pint en Español:


pinta, n.

Pronunciación /paɪnt//pʌɪnt/


  • 1

    (EEUU: 0,47 litros, RU: 0,57 litros) pinta femenino
    • They were chatting about school when he reappeared with some pints of liquid.
    • It had taken pints and pints of ice-cream to calm her down.
    • Typically, a pint, or unit, of blood is drawn once a week to bring down iron levels, but in more advanced cases, it might be drawn more often.
    • At one dollar per bottled pint, that's 50 pints or 6.25 gallons of bottled water per barrel of oil.
    • In addition to baked goods, candy and nuts frequently fill up a pint or half gallon of ice cream.
    • The man suffered severe chest injuries, broke some small bones in his back and lost one and a half litres - nearly three pints - of blood.
    • Before the CT scan you have to drink three pints of a liquid, a dye which will show up on the scan.
    • The liter and its fractions have vanquished quarts, pints, and gallons, while the pound is still holding its own in things such as produce.
    • I still talk about acres, yards, feet and inches; not forgetting gallons and pints and also hundredweights pounds and ounces.
    • In the main filling room, gallons, halt gallons, pints, quarts and half-pints are filled.
    • The Paint Spot caters to both the professional and the hobbyist, selling paint in pints, quarts and gallons for you mural-painters.
    • Most metric recipes were based on a weight unit of 25 grams - slightly less than an ounce - and a liquid measure of half a litre, which was slightly less than a pint.
    • The milk is available in gallons, half gallons, quarts and pints.
    • He took all two gallons and five pints of it away.
    • Production would gradually increase to 125 litres a day - some 200 pints.
    • If the job was completed successfully, an extra issue of one eighth of a pint of rum was made to each officer and man over the age of 20 who wanted it.
    • Several varieties of crushed leaves and fruit were then thrown in, along with two cups of Epsom salts and sulphur mixed with half a pint of Jeyes liquid.
    • During training the girls must lose pints of liquid, although the chilly nights are unlikely to precipitate dehydration.
    • Many believe a glass of wine is the equivalent of one unit, and a pint of lager two.
    • Two rotary valve fillers produce plastic gallons, half gallons and pints.
  • 2Britanico coloquial

    (of beer)
    to go for a pint salir a tomar una cerveza