Traducción de pinwheel en Español:


molinete, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɪnˌ(h)wil//ˈpɪnwiːl/


  • 1EEUU

    molinete masculino
    molinillo masculino
    remolino masculino Cono Sur
    ringlete masculino Colombia
    • Inside purple and green mist swirled around incessantly in pinwheels.
    • This cookie is a spin on traditional pinwheels, in which plain and chocolate doughs are swirled together.
    • Well, it's now a pinwheel of rain and storms soaking much of the eastern U.S.
    • Inserted into the void was a smaller white canvas, on which Grosse used a thick brush to paint kinetic pinwheels of translucent color.
    • By holding the pinwheel still, we can examine its various points and notice their distinct characteristics.
    • They do things that Streb finds real - moves called dominoes, slices, ex-flips, inside-outs, sparkles, pinwheels, sidelines, and slams.
    • A turkey vulture is a slow pinwheel in the sky, a marker above Cather's prairie.
    • Ninja Wars: A pretty girl in a kimono runs through a bamboo thicket, flailing her arms around like pinwheels.
    • One of life's great frustrations is to see a frantic pinwheel of birds beyond the third bar and out of casting reach.
    • The crisp dynamic shifts and organized flourishes whet your appetite for more of the same, especially during the radiant synth pinwheels of the chorus.
    • The green one has mocha pinwheels, and the red one has nut meringues.
    • In it, two pinwheels of triangles are set inside the curves of a large horizontal S shape.
    • Roadmap-patterned wallpaper lined the elevator's interior, and an array of pinwheels and movable disk sculptures were laid out on shelves.
    • I left the cabin and picked up my fishing rod, which Ishmael had festooned with some very sexy lures, including a neon-green pinwheel.
  • 2

    girándula femenino
    • As usual, we lashed firecrackers and pyrotechnics to the frame, stuffed a mortar in its mouth, and added a blazing pinwheel for the beast's eye.
    • As the first pinwheel of light burst, the sparks seemed to race forward to capture Emily.
    • We are near the edge of the pinwheel so we move pretty quickly.