Traducción de piping hot en Español:

piping hot

bien caliente, adj.


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    bien caliente
    muy caliente
    • When we returned after the funeral, piping hot tea and snacks greeted us.
    • Coulombe treats the infected arm by placing it into a basin of piping hot water to drain the white-yellow pus.
    • Each evening, when William came home from the pit, the tin bath would be ready for him filled with piping hot water.
    • After a frenzied game of backgammon in candlelight, I ran a piping hot bath and sank into it.
    • Just then, their waiter brought out two piping hot dishes and placed them in front of them on the table.
    • I was intrigued by the lettuce soup, which turned out to be a piping hot concoction punctuated with fresh ginger and herbs.
    • These rested on a thick bed of piping hot apple sauce.
    • Next stop was Laragh where piping hot soup and sandwiches and tea awaited the fifty visitors.
    • I've been drinking mugs and mugs of piping hot tea and soup.
    • We enjoy cup, after cup, after cup of piping hot tea from this one preparation.