Traducción de pipsqueak en Español:


mequetrefe, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɪpskwiːk//ˈpɪpˌskwik/



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    mequetrefe femenino coloquial
    • An absolute star, he glittered on stage while the party's pipsqueaks huddled around trying to catch some rays of reflected glory.
    • As far as cosmopolitan cities go, it makes Toronto look like a pipsqueak.
    • What I say is that what goes for the ‘titans of the media’ also goes for the pipsqueaks of the media.
    • Least understandable, though, is the Mercury music prize, with its piffling purse and its pompous panel of five pipsqueaks.
    • So, it was that my pipsqueak of a brother was named Aseem by my parents and I was just plain, old-fashioned Seema.
    • I'm about average height now, I like to think, but I was a pipsqueak as a kid.
    • Why would you waste and/or risk your time engaging with a pipsqueak who might have a point?
    • It's a media business, all right, though still a pipsqueak.
    • And to Washington, Iran is a pipsqueak with a goliath complex and a nuclear game plan.
    • Think of America not as the playground bully but as the well-muscled mild-mannered good kid who finally hauls off and whacks the loudmouth pipsqueak who won't stop bugging him.
    • I can handle him and anything the little pipsqueak tries to dish out.
    • He might be a pipsqueak, but still, having a nine year old put his full wait on me isn't fun.
    • Some articles included Amis's response to the review: ‘I think he's even more of a talentless pipsqueak than I did before.’
    • He struck me as a moral pipsqueak who didn't even think what he had launched would be as horrific as it was.
    • Yet for all this muscle-flexing, Patni remains a relative pipsqueak.
    • Granted, dominating a bunch of relative pipsqueaks does not qualify one for NBA readiness.
    • But none of this keeps the $9 billion giant from popping-off like a pipsqueak, as it's been doing in a recent ad campaign tied-in to the Olympics.
    • There are some sauces that make the Enormous Omelet, calorie-wise, look like a pipsqueak.
    • Funny how a pipsqueak like him could inspire such fear.
    • You're not going to take that from a little pipsqueak are you?