Traducción de piracy en Español:


piratería, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpaɪrəsi//ˈpʌɪrəsi/


  • 1

    (at sea, in air)
    piratería femenino
    air piracy piratería aérea
    • Whether the pressure was to such an extent that the words piracy or ‘hi-jacking’ could be used, will be up to a court of law to determine.
    • The terrorist / piracy threat also meant escort ships were needed to ensure safe passage on the seas.
    • What happens if someone tries to board the island, in the name of art piracy or stunt publicity?
    • To send armed forces onboard a civil ship sending out Mayday signals is piracy.
    • National leadership and more pervasive international co-operation will also be essential in order to keep mafia and piracy practices from resurging.
    • Providing a worrying statistic he said that 60 per cent of the world's acts of piracy happened in South East Asian waters.
    • We will take the fight to all those involved in piracy and contraband trafficking.
    • Their courtship had begun in the early days of his time at Parchman, just weeks after his ill-fated dabble in air piracy.
    • Subjects now range far beyond the Great Lakes, from piracy on the high seas to the environmental health of our oceans.
    • To fight both piracy and terrorism, the IMB proposes pooling resources among the countries sharing sea-lane boundaries.
    • While piracy and terrorism may not be the same crime, they share enough elements to merit joint definition under international law.
    • Koizumi told reporters that many incidents of piracy have occurred despite shipping companies' own efforts to protect themselves.
    • Recent examples of Somalian piracy includes raids on ships carrying supplies for the UN World Food Programme.
    • There the Africans stood trial for piracy and murder in a much publicized case, even for that day.
    • Our goal is to destroy and delegitimize terrorism the way slavery and piracy were delegitimized in the nineteenth century.
    • No deaths were reported from piracy attacks in the first three months of the year, although pirates were said to be armed with guns, knives and other weapons.
    • There are many fine houses here as well as vast warehouses, all of which are walled and well guarded, for piracy and theft are as common as regular trade here.
    • Property insurance developed in response to the hazards faced by medieval exporters, for example losses from shipwreck, piracy, or theft.
    • Each was convicted on December 11 of air piracy and faces 20 years to life in prison.
    • Mumbai police arrested a person in relation with illegal piracy at the domestic airport in the wee hours of Saturday morning.
    • The authors' area of expertise is clearly in energy security, but while floundering in piracy and terrorism they have lost their way.
    • Dickens's reaction to these piracies varied from amused contempt to downright vexation.
    • A taste for violence has been a feature of attacks since piracy began.
    • The IMB reported that between January and March this year, the Malacca Straits have seen seven piracy attacks.
    • Terror, piracy, and smuggling are expanding threats.
    • And it could under certain circumstances lead to unilateral action to suppress piracy and terrorism in the Malacca Strait.
    • While the waterway has seen no major terrorist attacks, piracy is widespread.
    • You turned to piracy, you steal, you plunder, you lie, you cheat… you kill.
    • Naval warfare experts say the U.S. Navy simply isn't large enough to do much about the problem, whether it's piracy or terrorism.
    • The topic was the arming of airline pilots as a defense against air piracy and terrorism.
    • North Korea has denied having any connection with the ship and denounced its sinking as an ‘act of piracy.’
    • The code was introduced by the International Maritime Organisation to deter terrorism, piracy and other criminal acts.
    • She couldn't possibly wear it often, and much less know about ships and piracy.
    • On May 17, a West German court convicted Mohammad Ali Hamadei of murder and air piracy and sentenced him to life imprisonment.
    • Now, as I write, Australia threatens to forcibly remove the ship from our waters and the ship's owner accuses us of piracy.
    • Nevertheless, Mr. Critton's act of air piracy is very much the context of the crimes for which he is to be sentenced.
    • They said they could not send all the substantiation they held about the link between piracy and terrorism because it was confidential.
  • 2

    (of copyrighted material)
    piratería femenino
    • Therefore, even if music piracy really is stealing, copyright owners don't have a right to take reasonable steps to prevent it.
    • None of that music seemed to be going to the incinerators, and the flow of piracies was not being staunched.
    • Willetts therefore argued that, far from destroying an industry, his piracies had no significant effect at all on existing publishers' sales.
    • BOOK piracy, the illegal reproduction of books, has assumed menacing proportions over the last two decades.
    • Australian magistrates have blocked the extradition of the alleged head of a software piracy syndicate to the US.
    • For cable operators it's over $5 billion a year - in revenues lost to signal theft and cable piracy.
    • Both Hack and Blair say they are skeptical of amnesty programs and don't use them to fight piracy and cable theft efforts.
    • Yet some of the quotes clearly aren't about that at all - they refer to music piracy, or bootlegging, or unofficial releases.
    • Notable features of Windows XP are that it is faster that previous operating systems reduces the possibility of piracy and theft of both hardware and software.
    • Consider recent actions on bills addressing such disparate issues as homeland security, movie piracy and auto burglary.
    • Another important consideration is to separate movie piracy from music piracy.
    • Newton learned to exploit the commercial press by secretly publishing his works and disowning them as piracies.
    • This legislative framework for dealing with piracy and theft of copyrighted goods is now sent to the member states, which have two years to enact laws which comply with the directive.
    • The trouble for Russian rights owners is keeping track of Internet piracy when physical piracy is so much of a problem.
    • Software piracy is rife across the continent and costs African governments an estimated total of around US $1 billion per year.
    • Digital cable is often considered the answer to cable signal theft and piracy, but as a final solution it's a long way off.
    • Possibly the bank, in the light of a piracy software charge against the buyers, did not want to get involved in the case Microsoft brought against the buyers.
    • Preston also sought the hack printers who actually produced the piracies.
    • Sony says that only 20 titles, which it refuses to name, contain the XCP virus - software which attacks music piracy by attacking your PC.
    • In the last part of your article you liken the act of music piracy to the theft of physical property.