Hay 2 traducciones principales de pitch en Español

: pitch1pitch2


punto, n.

Pronunciación /pɪtʃ//pɪtʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(level, degree)

      punto masculino
      extremo masculino
      grado masculino
      to reach such a pitch that … llegar hasta tal punto / tal extremo que …
      • tension had risen to an unbearable pitch la tensión había aumentado hasta hacerse insoportable

    • 1.2Música

      tono masculino

  • 2

    • 2.1Deporte
      (in baseball)

      lanzamiento masculino

    • 2.2Deporte
      (in golf)

      pitch masculino

  • 3Britanico

    (playing area)
    campo masculino
    cancha femenino América Latina
  • 4

    • 4.1British (position, site)

      lugar masculino
      sitio masculino
      (in market, fair) puesto masculino

    • 4.2sales pitch

      he had a very effective sales pitch tenía buena labia para vender
      • an insurance agent's pitch el discursito de un vendedor de seguros

  • 5

    • 5.1Marina

      cabezada femenino

    • 5.2(angle)

      pendiente femenino
      grado de inclinación masculino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (set up)
    (tent) armar
    (tent) montar
    (camp) montar
    (camp) hacer
    • Many of the early comers had their own small tents and pitched them up on Calvary Hill.
    • With temperatures plummeting, the council ordered winter camps to be pitched.
    • An acceptable site was eventually arrived at and we pitched camp.
    • Nine of us will be pitching camp in a field with thousands of other people.
    • Saturday night saw the Raise The Roof benefit pitch its tent at the Rosemount Hotel.
    • We had pitched camp at dusk.
    • The weather was still cold, so they had to pitch tents right away.
    • Perhaps they'll end up pitching their tents somewhere on Romney Marsh.
    • Why not just take a light tarp for a ground sheet and pitch it as a roof if it does rain?
    • A group of French rescuers arrive and pitch their tents under a huge Tricolor.
    • The lightweight goat hair tents of the nomadic Bedouin, for instance, can be pitched under a tree for shade, or to catch prevailing breezes.
  • 2

    • 2.1(throw, toss)

      we were pitched forward when the bus braked suddenly el frenazo en seco que dio el autobús nos lanzó / nos arrojó hacia adelante
      • she was pitched off her horse fue arrojada del caballo
      • He pitched the ball well up, turned it a touch, and conceded only 44 runs in his ten overs.
      • When Morris was 20, he could pitch a ball at 85 miles an hour.
      • He threw the ball back to her and she gave the batter a whole two seconds before pitching the same ball.
      • He kept pitching the ball on middle stump.
      • Just as Billy pitched the ball, I made eye contact with him.
      • He was due to pitch the first ball of a crunch baseball match in New York between the Yankees and the Arizona Diamondbacks.
      • She pitched the ball and he swung and hit it, getting himself a single.
      • Ryan has come back from a winter in Australia which also in my opinion did him a lot of good and taught him to pitch the ball a bit further up.
      • He was able to pitch the ball just about anywhere he wanted and because of this and his pace he was the obvious weapon.
      • The next ball was pitched up and driven for four.

    • 2.2(in baseball, cricket)

      (ball) lanzar
      (ball) pichear

  • 3

    • 3.1(aim, set, address)

      she doesn't know at what level to pitch her talk no sabe qué nivel darle a la charla
      • why don't you pitch your aspirations a little higher? ¿por qué no das más vuelo a tus aspiraciones?
      • they pitched their opening offer at 3% situaron su oferta inicial en un 3%
      • to pitch it a bit strong / high recargar las tintas

    • 3.2Música

      (note) dar
      her instrument was pitched lower su instrumento tenía un tono más bajo
      • She held out the ledger and spoke in a voice deliberately pitched too low to be overheard.
      • He was a little too excited, his voice pitched a fraction too high.
      • Helena pitched her voice to a deep whisper, making Katherine strain to hear her.
      • And so when I began to pitch my voice in a loud tone, something had happened to me psychologically.
      • His mastery of vocal manipulation allowed him to pitch his voice like a frail old man from Texas who was promoting his new self-help book.
      • Was it just me or was he pitching his voice rather high?
      • The music has been pitched at a level shown to be comfortable for bovine auditory systems.
      • In fact, it's only when I ask for another coffee that he complains, his voice pitched somewhere between disgust and incomprehension.
      • To speed up a Border Collie, pitch the voice high and quick.
      • Only half an hour later, the six had found a table at one of the nearby bars, and now sat in a circle around it, voices pitched low, heads huddled in a horrible attempt to be discreet.
      • She smiled at the faces around her, and pitched her voice to project to the back of the hall.
      • I pitched my voice lower, but I was trailing far enough behind the group that they probably wouldn't hear me anyway.
      • He pitched his voice higher, so Riona could hear him.
      • Then he mocks me with his voice, by pitching it about ten times higher than usual.
      • Was it his imagination, or was she pitching her voice lower than usual?
      • She didn't need to pitch her voice lower, for the teeth-rattling music took care of the concept of being overheard.
      • His voice was pitched low, so that only Doyle and I heard him.
      • He called back, pitching his voice like a girl's.
      • Some of her notes were almost a wail, others were pitched so high as to shake the chandelier.
      • She pitched her voice here to sound slightly exasperated, slightly weary - not angry.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(fall)

      he pitched forward onto his face se fue de bruces
      • the boxes pitched forward on top of me las cajas se me vinieron encima
      • As she watched, his eyes rolled back in his head and he pitched forward into her arms.
      • She pitched forward, knocking over a lamp that broke when it hit the hard wood floor.
      • Barely were the words out of my mouth when I stubbed my toe on some obstacle, pitched forward, and butted my head into something that FELT very much like a door.
      • Alex pitched forward as his leg gave way and I had to catch him.
      • Suddenly, he swooned and pitched forward over the railing.
      • He pitched forward and found himself sprawled face down across the low table.
      • The sudden weight change threw her off balance and her head pitched forward, smacking into the metal.
      • Nick tried to steady me as my body pitched forward.
      • Halfway down he stumbled on a mound of dirt and pitched forward.
      • Suddenly, she pitched forward, barely catching herself on the bars.
      • She pitched forward, twisted and ended up on the infield grass, in tears.
      • The jockey pitched on to the firm turf and rolled over several times before lying prone.
      • I rocked wildly on my feet, and pitched forward a little, almost knocking someone over.
      • Wearing a lap belt keeps you anchored to the car seat and your shoulder belt keeps your upper body from pitching forward and hitting the airbag as it deploys.
      • Eliza pitched forward, her head swimming, her vision blurring.
      • Mountain bikes feature a crosswise handlebar which helps prevent the rider from pitching over the front in case of sudden deceleration.
      • As she pitched forward, about to fall, someone caught her by her upper arms.
      • He pitched forward and started to roll down the reminder of the hill, landing right at Basil's feet.
      • I pitched forward and toppled over the rail.
      • He could still hear her screams when he pitched forward and everything went black.
      • The big ex-con pitches forward and falls behind the counter.

    • 1.2(lurch)

      (ship/plane) cabecear
      • The boat was rocking and pitching wildly.
      • He took position on her right side to support should the ship suddenly pitch or roll with the waves.
      • Although the sea washed the heads clean as the ship pitched, the heads still needed a regular scrub-down with a broom.
      • Then we hit some turbulence, and both aircraft pitched and rolled a little bit.
      • We could feel the landing-gear struts compress as the ship hit some heavy swells and pitched wildly.
      • Similarly, in adverse weather, the vessel may pitch and roll.
      • The storm raged all day - the ship pitching and rolling heavily.
      • Now she began to sway as the deck of the ship pitched beneath her feet, and she could hear the desperate cries of the crew.
      • The aircraft was pitching with turbulence and I was lurching about, bracing myself against the walls.
      • As a seasoned skipper, you know that a boat can pitch suddenly when it goes through a wake.
      • Soon, the big dive boat was pitching and rolling.
      • Her bow wave sends the little boat pitching like a bronco.
      • The ship appeared to pitch and roll at an incredible rate as I fought to align the aircraft over the tiny flight deck.
      • The boat pitched backward and then dangerously to one side, while the water gushed in from every direction.
      • The boat pitched as it mounted a particularly high wave.
      • The boat's pitching all over the place, the mast is a 70-foot-tall, wet, slippery stick.
      • Jenni rolled her eyes and reached for her coffee as it slid across the table as the ferry pitched yet again.
      • When we move into exposed water, we pitch and yaw in a two-and-a-half-metre swell.
      • Swaying in the wind, they're concerned about the timing in getting on deck, with the ship pitching hard up and down.
      • Suddenly the ship pitched and the water washed over the ship's high railing.

  • 2

    • 2.1Deporte
      (in baseball)


    • 2.2Deporte
      (in golf, cricket)

      (ball) caer
      (ball) dar
      • Replays showed that the ball had pitched outside leg stump, but it was too late for recriminations.
      • The ball pitched a few yards past the flag and, courtesy of a powerful amount of backspin, zipped back into the hole for an eagle two.
      • The ball pitched 15 feet from the hole, bounced three times and dropped in.
      • It is possible to plot where the ball pitched, and where the batsman's shot went, allowing all those graphs to be drawn.
      • Dropping another ball, he hit five iron again and this time the ball pitched on the green and ran up and into the hole.

  • 3EEUU

    (campaign, fight)
    to pitch for sth pelear por algo
    • to be in there pitching estar en la brecha / al pie del cañón

Hay 2 traducciones principales de pitch en Español

: pitch1pitch2


brea, n.

Pronunciación /pɪtʃ//pɪtʃ/


  • 1

    brea femenino
    • The production of tar and pitch as well as potash and saltpeter is included in the category of proto-industry.
    • Yet no mention was made of the fact that before 1990, Alcoa used a much more dangerous form of coal tar pitch than the paste form now used.
    • The space between each pair of deck planks in a wooden ship was filled with a packing material called ‘oakum’ and then sealed with a mixture of pitch and tar.
    • There was a small boat, an improvised currach-type constructed from hessian stretched over a wooden frame and doused with pitch to make it waterproof.
    • All his exports for which we still have record were cloth; he imported herring and dried fish, ashes, iron, lumber, oil, pitch and tar.