Traducción de pith helmet en Español:

pith helmet

salacot, n.


  • 1

    salacot masculino
    • He will vanquish them with one blow of his pith helmet!
    • There is not a single pillbox cap or pith helmet to be seen anywhere in the film.
    • So he proceeds to devote all his time to E's study, puts on a pair of black socks and a pith helmet, and heads for the hills.
    • Nobody bothered to hide their modesty - least of all Cheggers, who wore only a pith helmet and sandals throughout.
    • Our hero arrives on the scene dressed in khakis, wearing a pith helmet, and carrying an SLR camera strapped around his neck.
    • Typically, he is wearing a capitula or long shorts, knee socks, and a casque colonial or pith helmet.
    • Kenny's uniform was a pair of khaki shorts, a khaki shirt rolled up over the elbows, and a pith helmet.
    • He had progressed, become a very important Resident Commissioner with a pith helmet.
    • All that was missing to complete the picture was a white pith helmet and an ostrich feather.
    • I sat beside my mother, only a little less fortified in a pith helmet and a starched cotton dress.
    • Clinging to the roll bar with his big three-fingered gloves, he's wearing fatigues and a 10-gallon pith helmet.
    • The pith helmet similarly marks the status of the Belgian.
    • In another such sculpture, apparently by the same artist, the reclining policeman has his pith helmet on his stomach.
    • Names were drawn out of a pith helmet to decide who would leave Isandhlwana to go on patrol on the eve of the battle.
    • You know, I wanted to buy a pith helmet and a butterfly net and go in search of that elusive creature, the undecided voter.
    • A dashing pith helmet is certain to earn you respect from the local natives.
    • If he asks for a pith helmet with a propeller to be properly dressed for quail hunting, don't scoff.
    • You can imagine all of them bushwhacking up the Eastern Seaboard from the Maryland Swamps to NYC, Frank in his pith helmet.
    • I remember one guard particularly well because of his thick black moustache and a Khaki pith helmet.
    • There are some surprises here, too, like a pith helmet and assorted pairs of chiefs' sandals, all covered in fine gold leaf.