Traducción de pitter-patter en Español:


golpeteo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɪtəpatə//ˈpɪdərˌpædər/


  • 1

    (of rain)
    golpeteo masculino
    repiqueteo masculino
    the pitter-patter of little feet pasitos de niño masculino
    • Sure, there likely won't be any pitter-patter of little feet coming from that marriage, but so what?
    • The big applause he received drowned out the pitter-patter of his feet.
    • The air was full of pen scratches, clashes of minds, books being taken off and placed back onto shelves, and of the pitter-patter of soft footfalls.
    • Swarming follows with dancing vibes shadowed by the pitter-patter of an unpredictable electronic insect.
    • Grandmama, I hear the pitter-patter of footsteps.
    • It was a weak attempt to disguise the fluttering sensation in her stomach, the joyous pitter-patter of her heart, those oh-so confusing thoughts she found she didn't quite understand.
    • The pitter-patter of the monsoon might be a long wait ahead, but with a number of brightly painted umbrellas crowding its walls, this is a downpour of a different kind.
    • I listened to the rain pitter-patter on the roof of the theatre.
    • Just then small pitter-patter of feet could be heard just above Turk's head.
    • I could hear a soft pitter-patter of footsteps near the entrance of the hut.
    • Then she heard it: the soft pitter-patter of footsteps crunching through the snow behind her.
    • I was about to flee when I heard the pitter-patter of Patti Labelle's ‘Lady Marmalade’ begin.
    • The only sound I can hear is the soft pitter-patter of the rain against my window.
    • Suddenly, like the soft scampering of a mouse, there came a pitter-patter of small feet.
    • He croaked, his voice hoarse with the dampness, as a pitter-patter of soft raindrops danced over their heads.
    • The rain started to run down harder, as the pitter-patter sounds of the showers got even louder.
    • Beauty is a cold, cloudy day, where all you hear is the soft pitter-patter of the falling rain.
    • Inevitably, though, the squeals and pitter-patter of the burgeoning rodent families increased, and I gave in.
    • The soft pitter-patter of bare feet announced the arrival of the other two children in Nana's snug little foster home, nine-year-old Katriel and fourteen-year-old Nante.
    • All the while, the pitter-patter of beats, the abstracted swish of rain-washed streets and murmur of German voices.


  • 1

    the rain went pitter-patter on the window la lluvia golpeteaba la ventana / repiqueteaba en la ventana
    • his heart went pitter-patter as he approached her door el corazón le latía con fuerza al acercarse a su puerta
    • I think of you and my heart goes pitter-patter across the floor.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (rain) golpetear
    (rain) repiquetear