Traducción de pity en Español:


lástima, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɪti//ˈpɪdi/


  • 1

    (cause of regret)
    lástima femenino
    pena femenino
    it's a pity (that) (+ subj) es una lástima / una pena que
    • it's a pity you can't go es una lástima / una pena que no puedas ir
    • what a pity you missed it! ¡qué lástima / qué pena que te lo perdieras!
    • it's a thousand pities he isn't here to see it ¡qué pena tan grande que él no esté aquí para verlo!
    • This enforced secrecy is a pity, because Lalonde might have some useful advice to offer his cousin.
    • It would be a great pity if this opportunity to restore confidence in the way support is delivered to rural areas is missed.
    • The authorities probably knew that there was a likelihood of taking relics and it is a pity that it disappeared.
    • There were two performances taking place here: the pity was that they rarely coincided.
    • It's such a pity, when perfectly reasonable tinned crab is available in the supermarkets!
    • This is a pity, because in many cases there is more going on than meets the eye.
    • That is a pity in the case of smart policies, but a blessing for the less smarter ideas.
    • It would be a pity if they were to throw away the opportunity at this stage.
    • A real pity, as this could have been a tasty little number.
    • What a real pity - I was looking forward to meeting him.
    • And as in at least some other cases, this will be a pity because there will likely be some small nugget of usefulness to the deal.
    • Isn't it an awful pity Mick O Dwyer wasn't born in Sligo.
    • This is a great pity because if he had, we might have been spared the regrettable sight that assailed us earlier in the week.
    • It would be a pity to pretend that there are no regrets and that ending a marriage hardly matters.
    • In the end, it's a pity because the situation could have been handled a lot better and without the angst and tears.
    • We have a great chance to beat Westmeath and it would be a pity if there were only a small crowd from Carlow to see it.
    • Form fatally undermines content - a real pity in a novel of real promise.
    • "It would be an awful pity if there were objections.
    • It would be a pity, nevertheless, if Sean Connery missed his chance to straighten out the record.
    • In which case it would be a pity just to wrap the Lion in brown paper and send it off to Sydney.
  • 2

    piedad femenino
    compasión femenino
    he showed no pity se mostró implacable
    • I don't want your pity no quiero tu compasión / que me compadezcas
    • to have pity on sb tener piedad / compasión de algn
    • I felt pity for the poor creature me dio lástima (de) la pobre criatura
    • He didn't want her pity; he hated it when people pitied him.
    • I almost felt pity for the man - almost.
    • "Poor Silas, you conformed, " David said with mock pity.
    • He looked down at his shoes, feeling pity for the poor girl.
    • Such paintings court the viewer's curiosity, but make no appeal to feelings of pity, fear, or outrage.
    • In these circumstances, we should look with pity and compassion on George Best.
    • Feeling pity for the little boy she shoved a few coins into his hand.
    • I spoke with pity in my voice, but tried to keep it refined.
    • I shook my head in mock pity as Chela attempted to comfort Micheal.
    • With the luck they've had, this bunch deserves some pity.
    • Some said that to heal this rift in the Malay ground, some pity, or compassion, must be shown to Anwar.
    • You're feeling pity for a creature that would sneer at the concept if she understood it.
    • They have no idea of their future here and I feel great pity for their innocence.
    • She didn't deserve pity and Rod wanted a bit of fun.
    • He watched her reaction but he didn't see fear or anger, only pity and sorrow.
    • While we offer thanks to all, we would respectfully ask for no one to feel pity or sorrow for our loss.
    • He had no pity, no compassion, no understanding of what the victims of war suffered.
    • A good number of her early poems attempt to work on the reader's sense of pity and compassion.
    • I knew he didn't want my pity, but he had it nonetheless.
    • For the children who danced at the will of adults, he had expressed sorrow and pity.

verbo transitivopitying, pities, pitied

  • 1

    tenerle lástima a
    I pity the poor thing le tengo lástima / la compadezco a la pobre
    • I think she pitied him more than she loved him creo que más que quererlo le tenía lástima
    • I pity you if he finds out you've broken it pobre de ti como descubra que lo has roto
    • Ahron almost pitied the poor man, remembering the pain the spell could do.
    • Well, when you stop being frightened of someone and then you stop pitying them, there's not really a lot left.
    • Jubei found himself actually pitying the two poor young men.
    • Still, we have to have some sense of his perspective in order to actually pity him.
    • I ought to be crucified, crucified on a cross, not pitied!
    • And don't pity poor Gene because he didn't win.
    • They were pitied, but few shared empathy with their hopes and dreams.
    • They'd look with envy at the things and pity the man that owned them.
    • She is pitying my cynical singledom, and I am worrying about her future.
    • I pity the fool who has to guess what people are going to buy.
    • Whenever I pull them out of my bag, I can feel the amused and somewhat pitying stares of other golfers upon me.
    • Pity poor Dillon Phillips, the prime minister's 12-year-old lad.
    • She watched him struggle to answer, almost pitying at the poor frightened creature.
    • I pity the girls he's been going out with.
    • Refugees need help, and I do pity their plight, however problems should not be exported.
    • Her smile was slightly sad and regretful, almost pitying as she continued speaking.
    • Larry secretly pitied the girl on the receiving end of his boss's wrath.
    • But pity the poor soul who would try to do anything to those kids.
    • But anyone who pities herself for more than a month on end is a weak sister and likely to become a public nuisance besides.