Traducción de pizza en Español:


pizza, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpiːtsə//ˈpɪtsə//ˈpitsə/


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    pizza femenino
    • Eat them in salads, sandwiches, pizzas or use as an intense base for sauces.
    • Restaurants excel in serving up the island's seafood alongside the usual pizzas and pastas.
    • As for the pizza toppings, there is a reason that Italians still love certain old standards.
    • I make the sauces for the pastas and pizzas and all sorts of things.
    • They are then offered a diet of burgers, chips, pizzas and coke from school canteens.
    • The food in Livigno is hearty - big pasta dishes, pizzas and lots of salty chips.
    • Because when we leave Lucknow, one thing I will really miss is the pizzas from Pizza Port.
    • The applicant wants to change the ground floor into a pizza and pasta takeaway.
    • The food consisted of a variety of sandwiches, mini pizzas, sushi, and other dishes along with cookies and coffee.
    • The pizzas were freshly baked in a brick oven and tasted absolutely fantastic.
    • But he eventually set up on his own business and word quickly spread about his home-made pasta and pizzas.
    • The pizza was closer to an Italian pizza than anything I have ever tried Stateside.
    • Even eating a slice of Italian sausage pizza with extra mozzarella had become a patriotic act.
    • Pizzette are miniature pizzas which are often fried rather than baked.
    • This isn't an attempt to deprive the world of pizzas, the Italians just want some recognition for their creation.
    • It would be very sad if all French cooks could manage was pizzas, steaks and burgers.
    • Strew the mozzarella and tomatoes over the pizzas, then add the pancetta, ruffling it up a bit.
    • Salads were between three and six leva and pastas and pizzas were priced at around six or seven leva.
    • It is naturally, an Italian restaurant, and pizzas play an important role on its menu.
    • There's a mid-range menu serving posh pizzas, burgers and a range of light bites, salads and skewers.