Traducción de place mat en Español:

place mat

individual, n.


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    individual masculino
    mantel individual masculino
    • You can use paper plates, place mats, or cups for sorting your objects.
    • Bosses at the store sent the place mat away for testing but others remain on sale.
    • They used this to produce bags, hats, ties, scarves, place mats and coasters.
    • He had seated himself at our dark wood table where, earlier, she had set out a crocheted place mat with fork and knife and napkin.
    • There was a stack of plates, a cup, a place mat, a clock that was off by ten minutes, a box of tissues, a coat, and an odd looking lamp.
    • The place mat illustration is not a photographic representation of actual clams, of course, but an airbrush painting.
    • The kitchen table place mats still had price tags on them.
    • Have everyone bring a vintage linen or favorite place mat to add pizzazz.
    • A little elbow grease, a nice place mat and some dishes, and the table awaited its diner.
    • More recently he's been blowing the cards up to 11-by-17 inches, about the size of a place mat.
    • Now, however, the Shooter's drink menu, printed on a place mat, lists not shooters but instead Martinis, ice cream drinks, tropical drinks and coffee drinks.
    • The white place mat was topped by custom made bone china, pure white plate etched in silver at the rim.
    • Include a nice napkin in the bag, and keep a place mat or small tray and other accoutrements at your desk to help make the meal a pleasure.
    • ‘Ugh, they always put too much chocolate in this,’ she grimaced, placing the steaming mug of Mochaccino down back on the Prussian blue Java Palace place mat.
    • The table is set with an A3 paper place mat and a pair of ominous looking chopsticks.
    • Complement your paint colour with accessories like decorative towels, copper pots and pans hung over a workspace and fun place mats for the table.
    • Next I show the students a paper place mat saved from a McDonald's restaurant.
    • Enhance your feline's dining experience with glossy cat-faced bowls with matching nonskid-rubber paw print place mat.
    • Wooden chairs with reclined backs and tables on which straw place mats rest are stained in sombre hues.
    • Leave the remainder of the ribbon loose to permit the place mat to be rolled up and tied.