Traducción de plain en Español:


sencillo, adj.

Pronunciación /pleɪn//pleɪn/

adjetivoplainer, plainest

  • 1

    (decor/cooking) sencillo
    (style/language) sencillo
    (language/style) llano
    (envelope) sin identificación externa
    (dress/fabric) liso
    just plain water, thank you agua nada más, gracias
    • the plain man's guide to economics guía básica de economía
    • his family are just plain folk su familia es gente sencilla
    • just plain Mike Reed, please Mike Reed, sin más, por favor
    • As with a lot of things in life, it's the preparation that often determines the success or failure of an effort to write documents in plain English.
    • The 1997 collage is made up of papers that are plain or dotted, striped and sponge-painted.
    • They write in plain English, without jargon, and distill lengthy statements into clear, concise tables understandable at a glance.
    • That line features brightly colored patterns or plain shirts over solid pants in a wide range of tones.
    • On the outside he was a plain guy, quite normal and polite, but once you got to know him, opinions started to take a turn for the worse.
    • What essentially is the debate about how to read a text that's written in plain English?
    • On the other hand, he is fond of the kind of design analysis that leaves the uninitiated wishing he would speak in plain English, in terms the layman can understand.
    • And so the politicians, the soldiers, the businessmen, and the plain folk decided it was best to give up their guns.
    • Meanwhile, plain folks toss around the word with abandon.
    • The usual choice is a solid-color opaque fabric, but you might consider a print lining under a plain color or even a patterned sheer.
    • If you want to distract attention from your top half, go for a plain colour and style on top and a sexier bottom with side ties or lots of flamboyant detail.
    • Sarees that are mass-produced in plain and sober colours, have as much charm as the hand-woven ones that are heavily embroidered with intricate designs.
    • And when we do talk about it, we should do so clearly, in plain English - not in jumbled phrases of design jargon.
    • Ascot rules dictate that they should be of a plain colour, and innocent of sponsors' logos.
    • To put it in plain language, let's suppose that here in front of us there is an animal and a man.
    • Manufacturers are not legally-obliged to provide you with a guarantee, but if they do it must be in plain English and clearly explain how to make a claim.
    • They wanted a more contemporary look, such as a chrome finish and plain fabrics.
    • The award was presented by the Plain English Campaign - an independent pressure group that campaigns for information to be written in plain English.
    • Explanations of terms should be in plain English.
    • Unless it is printed clearly in plain English, it could be misinterpreted.
    • Do you change it frequently or are you a purist with just the plain default colour?
    • His content is in Farsi, Farsi written phonetically with English characters and plain English.
    • Prices are still going up but service does seem to have improved and restaurateurs are beginning to write menus in plain English.
    • Sport it with a gray suit and plain white or patterned shirt.
    • I think the candidates need to be very specific and speak in plain English.
    • If you don't want to diminish the Christmas morning surprise, wrap stocking stuffers in plain white or silver paper before tucking them inside.
    • All our information is free, independent and written in plain English.
    • But even with a lobbying budget of over $5 million last year, turning trial lawyers into plain folk may take some doing.
    • Most importantly, the conviviums will include just plain folk.
    • The pottery is usually plain and dark in colour, sometimes with channelled decoration and moulded handles.
    • Lancashire County Council's 32-page guide has been sent out to all officers and sets out rules on how to write letters in plain English.
    • It is more difficult to fool the eye with carpet but if you have to go this route, choose a random pattern or plain carpet.
    • Instead of the bold patterns and colours that are typical of that continent, I've used plain designs and neutral colours.
    • If your heart is set on wallpaper, consider a plain colour or a small-scale print that you and your child won't tire of in years to come.
    • Combining a bright color with a muted one, or a plain fabric with a printed one, makes one set of place mats the equivalent of two.
    • When it comes to the front page, newspapers favor plain language, in part to protect the readers from the seductions of rhetoric, of art.
    • Even so, we cannot see how this helps plaintiffs' contention that the plain meaning of ‘retail pet store’ does not include residences.
    • Go for plain solids or patterns that fit with fall themes, like floral or leaf patterns.
    • I cut an overly sweet cake and got a gift I do not remember except that it was covered with plain silver wrapping paper.
    • Financial jargon is becoming a thing of the past due to IFSRA's efforts to educate consumers and encourage the financial industry to speak in plain English.
    • This information is written in plain English and is not suitable for computer analysis.
    • For so long, it's been black or linen in plain colours, and suddenly there's been an explosion of colour which is really inspiring people.
    • As with gifts, people come in fancy wrapping that camouflages a dull interior, or plain wrapping that disguises a vibrant and exciting core.
    • Think creatively; add a flower pattern to a plain camisole or sew beads onto an old skirt.
    • In the United States, 44 of the 50 states require insurance contracts to be written in plain English.
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    to make sth plain dejar algo (en) claro
    • it's plain from what you say that … por lo que me dices está claro que …
    • it's perfectly plain to me that she's lying para mí es obvio / está claro que está mintiendo
    • the reasons are plain to see las razones saltan a la vista / son obvias
    • But once over the zebra crossing and up close, it was plain that these two artists couldn't be more different.
    • He draws an awful lot of fire, that's plain to see.
    • The team's development is plain to see and another thoroughly professional job against a committed, if limited, Swinton only underlines Leigh's potential.
    • Considering that only one third of domestic violence incidents are reported, it is plain that as well as domestic violence being a national concern, it is here, in our York communities.
    • Returning to our correspondent's writings in The Age of 8 April 1998, it's plain that neither is the case.
    • The lack of highway capacity is plain to see as daily congestion is a fact of life on most key roads that link one province to another throughout Java, the country's economic center.
    • Since he clearly understands the law, it's plain that if we take him at his word, he appears to believe in free speech only for himself.
    • Even without the GATS treaty, it's plain that global trade in services is already testing our notions of national sovereignty.
    • Like many of us, it is also plain that he cannot understand why.
    • It is plain that many regard the new obligation contained in the Code of Ethics to provide reasons for decision as detracting from what they regard as an efficient system.
    • If all this proves he's an intelligent songwriter, it's also plain that he is in touch in an all-American way with his inner man.
    • ‘It is plain that had you not had alcohol you would not have resorted to these measures,’ he said.
    • Really, your Honours, if that is what the court meant to be saying, it is directly contrary to what they have said elsewhere and what was plain on the papers.
    • On the day both teams showed great determination, and it was plain to see that winning would be no easy task.
    • On several occasions it was quite plain that he had lapsed into his Porky Pig routine as he normally does when the heat is on or he has been caught out lying to the people again.
    • It is increasingly plain that we do want a more engaged, modern head of state - but we are asking the single most ill-equipped family in the country to provide one.
    • After all, it's plain that nothing really dreadful or heartbreaking could possibly happen to people this pleasant or cultured.
    • It is plain that lower interest rates make it cheaper for all to borrow.
    • ‘Let me make it absolutely plain that of course burglary is an enormously upsetting offence,’ he said.
    • To an outsider, it's one of the hardest things to understand about the company, but the benefits are plain to see on stage.
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    (blunt, straightforward)
    the plain truth la pura verdad
    • I believe in plain dealing a mí me gustan las cosas claras
    • I told him in plain terms that … le dije claramente / lisa y llanamente que …
    • I'll be plain with you, Mr Andrews seré franco / sincero con usted, señor Andrews
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    (not good-looking)
    poco agraciado
    to be a plain Jane ser poco agraciada
    • She's a plain girl, and dresses in what is best suited, not best looking.
    • I'm plain, I know I am, but I also know that if I tried I could be beautiful.
    • She had always been a plain child, though anyone who looked at her could tell who her mother was, for she looked much like her mother.
    • The plain girl was normally quick on the uptake, but it took her a few moments before the horrible realization dawned that none of those dresses had been for her after all.
    • Only Fanny remains convinced that he is quite plain.
    • What is he, really, except a plain boy with unkempt hair?
    • My brother and sister are so plain compared to yours!
    • Perfect posture can make a plain person stunningly attractive.
    • He was a plain man of medium height and build.
    • I always used to look at myself as sort of a plain person.
    • He was plain, dark-haired, and slender with a long nose.
    • Their kids would probably be plain, bare and simple-minded.
    • It was nice to see such an attractive Ruth as often she is rather plain compared to Elvira.
    • She was an average looking girl, but she was plain like white paint.
    • During the story, he becomes ashamed of his plain wife.
    • Do they choose plain girls with no education or sense of style, and who will happily consider going to McDonalds on Saturday night?
    • Never before had she worried about what she looked like or being ignored, in fact she had wished that she was plain in features and thus left alone to do whatever she desired.
    • I tried to care for her and the child, and it was the most dreadful thing to see her change from that bubbling, bright girl into a tired, plain woman.
    • I had never come across a story where the girl was plain or ugly.
    • She was plain to behold, but he knew the signs: she would blossom into a beautiful young woman.
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    • Minimizing the number of systems that engineers deal with is also key, so that making GM products is cheaper and just plain simpler.
    • As for her, she's just plain exasperated, what with that nose hanging off her face and a score pounding nonstop at her temples.
    • Is it appropriate punishment or just plain politics?
    • The first is to create publicly accessible data about bloggers' personalities, which may have sociological value in addition to being just plain fun.
    • On second thought, maybe that's just plain weird.
    • If you feel overwhelmed, exhausted or just plain rundown, you probably are dealing with unhealthy amounts of stress.
    • The two have no chemistry, and his personality is plain awful.
    • Plus, it's just plain exhausting trying to say productive, generous, and constructive things all the time.
    • The suggestion that cabinet would sit there listening to tapes for hours on end is just plain silly.
    • He'd thrown so many blows - to little apparent effect - that he was just plain tired.
    • Seeing Mr. Universe look like this is just plain wrong.
    • That, as a factual judgment, I think is just plain wrong.
    • Americans are just plain worn out from all that success.
    • Many died from malnutrition, fighting, or just plain exhaustion before even getting to the construction sites.
    • And of course half the audience was just plain bored, because it all seemed rather plotless and longhaired.
    • It's a silly train wreck of a show, and at some point, you realize these kids are just plain bored.
    • He was sharp and hard hitting, tender and sincere, funny and mischievous, humble and playful, and just plain entertaining.
    • Some are flipped, inverted, and just plain dyslexic.
    • Who knows are they being ironic or just plain silly?
    • After a good twenty minutes in one of these megastores, however, experience tells that the dizzy anticipation is usually replaced by just plain dizziness.


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    (downright, simply)
    (wrong/ridiculous) totalmente
    she's not incapable: she's just plain lazy no es que sea incapaz: lo que es es vaga
    • it's just plain absurd es un absurdo total
    • He plays a single parent thief whose diplomatic skills take the form of naked and, at times, plain stupid aggression.
    • I mean, let's be honest here, asking you to better it would be just plain greedy of me, wouldn't it?
    • Some of the designs seem, at first glance, a little too complex and just too plain clever for their or New York's good.
    • Now, we get to some other typos and a lot of just plain stupid false comments that were made in this book.
    • And who hasn't raved about a movie or a book that somebody has found to be totally inane or just plain boring?
    • That kind of business-as-usual strategy would have been considered hubris or just plain stupid a decade ago, but the sands have shifted.
    • Submissions - poetic, pathetic and just plain bizarre - fall into categories like Pride, Envy, Sloth and Gluttony.
    • I'll tell you plain that I'm pretty rough myself, but you're mighty shady company even for Billy.
    • Most of the posters on étapes are just plain ugly.
    • Was there a similar shakedown then of the just plain stupid ideas as we are experiencing now?
    • When you see counterproductive, invasive, or just plain stupid security, don't let it slip by.
    • And finally, if you're over a size 6, have stretch marks or visible scars, or are simply plain ugly - don't despair!
    • Many of the styles back in the day were simply horrid, amusing or plain bizarre.
    • Think again; you do not have to have been personally liable, stupid or plain dangerous.
    • The trouble with most of the right wing positions are that they are just plain old fashioned stupid.
    • They should have been happy at the prospect of fresh air, swathes of green and house prices which are stupid rather than plain insane.
    • There is town pride; and then there is just plain egocentric stupidity.
    • She was either completely clueless or just plain spiteful.
    • I must say this up front: I have zero love of the so-called thug style, on ballplayers or anybody else - it's just plain ugly to me.
    • Your statement on Nicaragua shows how utterly naive and just plain stupid you are.
    • He was speaking plain enough to be very intelligible to Emma.
    • It seems quite simply to be plain clueless power-grabbing, to me.
    • We warned him plain.
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    (bluntly, honestly)
    (tell) claramente
    (tell) francamente


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    llanura femenino
    the (Great) Plains las grandes llanuras
    • With these they are able to dramatise plains, prairies, steppes and meadows.
    • Two long, sandy plains dominate the coastal areas along the Indian Ocean to the east.
    • This area is surrounded by sandy plains and salt marshes.
    • The earthquake struck an area that is mostly barren plains with scattered fertile land, in the shadow of the snow-crested mountains of the Hindu Kush.
    • In the Gobi area, you will find mountains, plains, steppes, forests and barren areas.
    • The zebras were once abundant in the plains and highly wooded areas of Africa, East and South of Sahara and forests of west from Ethiopia and Angola to the cape.
    • It consists of flat rocky plains, rocky mesas (land formations) in the south, and sandy dunes in the north.
    • The land terrain in Cambodia is mostly made up of low lands, flat plains, with mountains in the Southwest and north.
    • But it could mean the difference between living half-way up a mountain or living in a valley; living by the sea or living on a plain in a land-locked area.
    • During high river discharges, overbank flows flooded extensive areas of the delta plain, creating swamps, coastal lakes and ephemeral channels.
    • Most of the population live in highly urbanized areas along the coastal plains.
    • Over the last century, internal migration has overwhelmingly been from mountains to plains, inland to coastal areas, and rural to urban settlements.
    • Your garden may be influenced by very different topography: mountains, hills, flat or rolling plains.
    • The landscape includes flat desert plains, rugged savanna, and volcanic mountains.
    • Belgium's major geographic divisions are the coastal lowlands, the central plain, and the high plateau of the Ardennes.
    • A wide area of coastal plains extends across the western seaboard, a region of phosphate mining and the cultivation of citrus, olives, tobacco, and grains.
    • I assume our fathers saw these swells of land as flat and grassy plains like prairies.
    • They inhabit tundra, alpine meadows, coastal plains near salmon runs, and rivers and valleys.
    • To the east of the Futa Jallon is Upper Guinea, a savanna region with plains and river valleys.
    • The area covers 1,200 hectares of land and consists of flat plains, foothills and a white sandy beach, sloping down towards a crystal blue sea.
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    • 2.1British Indumentaria

      tela lisa femenino

    • 2.2(stitch)

      punto del derecho masculino