Traducción de plaintive en Español:


lastimero, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpleɪntɪv//ˈpleɪn(t)ɪv/


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    • After making modest progress on the phone, he follows up with a plaintive letter laying out his case in detail.
    • The mood, carried by the winds and strings, is generally plaintive, even melancholy.
    • The denials issuing from Santos are almost pathetic in their plaintive appeal to maintenance of the status quo.
    • A mixture of the everyday and the grotesque, they read at times like plaintive notes from a boarding school, from a child who fears she has been forgotten.
    • As the drums of war grow louder, so do the plaintive cries of the Irish neutrality lobby.
    • It was only when she started being plaintive and forlorn that we returned to her.
    • My wife was expecting this to be boring but was pleasantly surprised which resulted in the plaintive cry of why wasn't science like that when she was at school.
    • This plaintive cry came from a number of sources, so we are attempting to provide enlightenment.
    • There are plaintive cries from MSPs about their workload, which, they argue, can only be sustained with their current numbers.
    • Played with a plaintive acoustic edge, it's even more heart-rending than the original.
    • The first tune was the Goltrai, a sad plaintive tune for all who died.
    • Aside from resorting to plaintive cries and groans, in the first half there was little cause for the Tartan Army to exercise their vocal chords.
    • The songbirds had returned, but their calls sounded ever so plaintive and piteous.
    • The plaintive cry of kids playing in their streets and gardens for many years has been ‘We want our ball back.’
    • As I neared home I heard a weak and plaintive female voice coming from above saying ‘Excuse me’.
    • From a whooshing, gurgling still comes the ringing, plaintive and mournful.
    • The plaintive call of the bird can be heard most evenings in the area.
    • I break away only to hear its plaintive cries through the rest of my visit.
    • The lawns are luxurious, the sky is blue, and a lone hawk circles above, gives a plaintive cry and wheels away.
    • I suppose it was because Wendy knew this that her last words to him were these rather plaintive ones.