Traducción de planter en Español:


hacendado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈplɑːntə//ˈplæn(t)ər/


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    (owner of plantation)
    hacendado masculino
    hacendada femenino
    before noun tea/tobacco planter dueño de una plantación de té/tabaco masculino
    • Son of an immigrant sugar planter, he joined the Cuban People's Party in 1947 and led a revolution in Santiago in 1953, for which he was imprisoned.
    • Where the persistent labour shortage did have significant impact, however, was in rendering inoperative a degree of racial control the sugar planters might have preferred.
    • They were the last large group of agricultural laborers brought to Hawaii by the sugar planters.
    • The rich lowland planter and the upland tobacco farmer have rubbed shoulders more or less amicably for a very long time.
    • Cassowary populations were greatly reduced when Australian sugar cane planters destroyed many of the birds, while New Guinea natives hunt them for meat and keep them in cages so they can use the feathers in clothing.
    • The Louisiana sugar planters, who enjoyed the protection of federal tariffs, looked favorably on the Union.
    • Built in the late 1700s, as residences of prosperous sugar planters, these vestiges of colonial Jamaica, mounted high above their estates, were the centre of social and economic life.
    • On the eve of the Civil War Louisiana's sugar planter elite was composed of 525 owners of at least 50 slaves who resided in a thirteen-parish area south of Baton Rouge.
    • The incident made news only when coffee planters issued an ultimatum to the Government threatening to hunt down the elephants if it did not take measures to contain the elephants in the forests.
    • This was one appointment that a gold dealer and coffee planter from Kalpetta did not want to miss.
    • All too often, sugar planters would destroy the forests around their plantations to obtain fuel.
    • Hawaii's foreign minister, a sugar planter, wrote to an American businessman in Japan seeking Japanese agricultural workers.
    • Until the rise of the nationalist movement, the dominant class was clearly the British sugar planters.
    • The central theme of Sugar and Slaves is the rise of the big slave-owning sugar planters who completely dominated their island societies by the late seventeenth century.
    • The sugar planters then began to recruit Japanese immigrants to supplement the work force on the plantations.
    • Traditionally the sugar planter was both farmer and manufacturer.
    • He leased out the family sugar plantation and settled in town's main population center of Bridgetown, where he established himself as a credit agent for other sugar planters.
    • It will be discussed subsequently how the Hawaiian sugar planters did not deploy traditional accounting methods to control labour through the maintenance of individual productivity data.
    • Search teams, including cocoa and coffee planters, have begun combing the forested south-east from Biche to Sangre Grande.
    • The French sugar planters made out so well that their biggest town, Cap Haitien, was reckoned one of the richest places in the world in the eighteenth century.
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    sembradora femenino
    • The corn planter is a complex machine with many moving parts that must work together precisely for optimal seed placement and coverage.
    • Finally, a third time, the farmer got on the tractor, tilled the field, and dutifully took the corn planter back and forth over the field.
    • Older John Deere 7000 planters sometimes put seeds almost on top in lumpy spots while dropping them in just right where the soil is softer.
    • When using a mechanical planter, the soil is first broken down with a rototiller and then then the bulbs are planted by a special bulb planting machine.
    • The bulb planter breaks the soil up nicely and is much easier than trying to use a trowel.
    • Solid feedlot manure may be unevenly applied, for example in large frozen lumps that later may cause planter skips.
    • Various row arrangements can also be created by seeding wheat with corn-soybean planters equipped with feed cups or 24-cell plates.
    • Among the new implements was a tapioca harvester that could be drawn by a tractor, a direct planter for paddy seeds, and a sprayer that could be easily carried and operated by one person.
    • Planting corn and soybeans at the same time requires both a corn planter and a drill or a narrow-row soybean planter.
    • First she uses a small bulb planter to dig holes where she wants her transplants.
    • The soft whoosh of the grain drill, the muted jangling of the corn planter, the smell of freshly turned warm earth behind the plow, the warm sun on our backs.
    • If you prefer a more formal look of rows, you may wish to invest in a bulb planter.
    • Topics have ranged from population studies, herbicide, insecticide, planter speed, and inoculate trials.
    • Three people using hand planters planted the field.
    • For the last two years, he has placed first in a corn planter accuracy study conducted by Heartland Co-op, which operates in central Iowa.
    • With the grain sorghum data (and some corn data at the same site), it appears that a 15-inch planter results in the best yield.
    • In addition, if the soil is wet under the residue, soil disturbed by row cleaners or coulters will stick to the planter's depth gauge wheels and other components, reducing the uniformity of seed placement.
    • That makes it easy to work a planter, garden tiller or even a small tractor or PTO-powered tiller right up against the baseboards.
    • Look for future Machinery Insider reports on topics ranging from combine operation to planter precision.
    • Seed disks on pneumatic planters wear with use and mold themselves to the particular meter they are employed on.
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    tiesto masculino
    maceta femenino
    • These simple maintenance tasks keep your patio planters and window boxes looking their best throughout the growing season and help cold-climate gardeners prepare for winter.
    • Plant it only in containers, planters, or in the ground with a strong root barrier.
    • You could plant some tall growers, such as Cleome hasslerana, which is a favorite of hummingbirds, and at their feet cluster a few dwarf dahlias and some alyssum, which are easily grown in planters.
    • My hanging baskets and planters will have to make up for the lack of flower borders for the time being.
    • Butterflies and hummingbirds will be attracted to windows box planters or containers of bright flowers.
    • Many gardeners enjoy planting violas in windowboxes, cedar deck planters, wooden half barrels, and a host of other containers.
    • Elsewhere, grow it in a planter and winter it indoors (treat it first with insecticidal soap, as it's prone to whiteflies and spider mites).
    • Place herbs and fragrant flowers in raised planters near walkways, so you can enjoy their scents as you pass by.
    • You'll usually find wooden casks, traditional pots and planters, whiskey barrels and many other offerings.
    • There will be a large selection perennials, bedding plants, pot plants, shrubs, trees, heathers, containers and planters.
    • They are in pots and planters but get plenty of water and nourishment.
    • Ornamental cabbages are fantastic as an alternative to flowers in planters.
    • Floral displays, including planters and flower beds, around the village were installed, while ornamental bases were put at the bottom of telephone and lamp posts in the car park opposite the Oak Bar.
    • On mixed-use projects, the firm is likely to design virtually the entire streetscape, including planters, decorative walls, kiosks, and outdoor cafe furniture.
    • It's filled with 22 glass planters containing lemon trees.
    • Bamboo growing in the raised planter behind the tiled wall adds privacy screening.
    • One year my husband even built special handcrafted redwood planter boxes that I filled with my wares for holiday gifts.
    • Geraniums can be grown in planters on the porch, patio or garden.
    • People grow in everything from custom-made pottery to antique bathtubs, with clay pots and wooden planters being more common.
    • They praised the street planters, hanging baskets and flower bed displays which enhanced the town throughout the summer months.
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    colono masculino
    colona femenino
    • The Protestant planters and their co-religionists settled on the right, in both senses, bank of the River Foyle, a well-situated salubrious suburb called Waterside.
    • The British had a right to be fearful: ‘There was no way British planters could contain news of the uprising.’
    • The capital of Northern Ireland was settled in the early 17c with planters mainly from England.
    • This castle, built in 1622, stands in stark contrast to the English and Scottish architecture of the planters further west in the province.
    • Latent divided political loyalties now surfaced, and planters with Royalist leanings got the upper hand.