Traducción de platinum blonde en Español:

platinum blonde

rubia platino, n.

Pronunciación ///ˈplædənəm/


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    rubia platino femenino
    rubia platinada femenino
    • It wasn't that Clark looked horribly ridiculous as a platinum blonde, it just didn't suit his personality.
    • On the top, and at the front, I was a platinum blonde.
    • Joe had brown hair, that was for sure, and Tiffany Quinn was a platinum blond.
    • She looked stunning, as well: a platinum blonde Amazonian force majeure and diva incarnate.
    • A platinum blond, watery blue eyes fluffs her Marilynesque hair.
    • The platinum blond shook her head in denial, refusing to accept this.
    • ‘Rock has been dead for a long time, but it's coming back strong,’ says the ultraglam platinum blond, known for his flawless makeup, skimpy rags, and prominent package.
    • The platinum blonde in the drivers' seat raised her sunglasses and smiled.
    • I was born a platinum blonde, blue-eyed girl child into a family of mostly brown-eyed, black-haired Russian Jews.
    • When the platinum blonde heard Ranka's beautiful voice, she turned her head gently to look at her, Hitomi's cheeks once again burning at the sight of Ranka.
    • She was a tall platinum blonde with a protruding bust that seemed to have no respect for the laws of gravity, dressed in a halter top and shorts.
    • I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did catch a glimpse of him flirting very heavily with a platinum blonde not too far from where I was sitting.
    • The platinum blonde uber-model Nadja's eyes haunted me, and eventually I succumbed to the charms of Bazaar, and believe me those charms are considerable.


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    (invariable adjective) rubio platino
    (invariable adjective) rubio platinado
    • Her hair was platinum blonde, cut into a 1950's Marilyn Monroe style, and her lips were voluptuous and red.
    • She had died her hair platinum blonde for the occasion and wore a frilly pink off-shoulder shirt and what had to be the shortest pair of shorts I'd ever seen in my life.
    • His fate changes when he loses a bet and pays his forfeit by having his hair dyed platinum blonde.
    • His hair was platinum blonde, almost silver, and cut short and neat.
    • Candy laughed, flipping her platinum blond hair across one shoulder casually.
    • His hair is platinum blonde, which makes him look older than his years in the firelight.
    • Her silky hair was a platinum blonde and she had it up in two small buns on the top of her head, locks of it running down to her calves.
    • Her long platinum blond frizzy hair was all lank and greasy.
    • She dyed her hair platinum blond, had too much eye liner, and today wore a very revealing tube top which she self consciously pulled up every two minutes.
    • For this look, Boozer colored Eve's hair platinum blond then created tight spiral curls all over.
    • Her hair is platinum blond, long, straight, and super shiny.
    • On the advice of her lawyers, she dyed her hair platinum blonde and wore a two-piece black suit.
    • There's one with hair dyed a blinding platinum blond, one with a Mohawk and spikes around his wrists, and one that actually looks fairly normal, besides the biker gloves and basic grunge outfit.
    • Her long platinum blonde hair was curled slightly and pulled up in barrettes.
    • The hair she dyed platinum blonde for the part has grown back to her natural brown muss.
    • Her hair was a beautiful platinum blonde, cut short in an almost boyish way and her sparkling navy blue eyes reminded me of the ocean.
    • Her straightened, chin length hair had been dyed a platinum blonde; her eyebrows were plucked carefully.
    • His hair was short and platinum blonde, and was up with a series of spikes most of the time.
    • In it, a fourteen-year-old girl with platinum blonde, almost white hair scowled at them.
    • Her long platinum blond hair fell in large waves to the small of her back.