Traducción de Platonic en Español:


platónico, adj.

Pronunciación /pləˈtɒnɪk//pləˈtɑnɪk/


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    • Resurrection meant life after life after death, and that was impossible for all Greeks, Homeric or Platonic.
    • All this might point to a tacit disappointment with the cinema as we know it and a yearning for the Platonic ideal we dream it capable of.
    • We stagger round with the Platonic idea (from the Symposium) that we can love only one other person.
    • It would not have been difficult for him to find Greek copies of Platonic dialogues at either Carthage or Rome, where he taught for a time.
    • Otherwise, the picture we get of the Academy is of a centre for discussions, with no indication that students went there to learn Platonic doctrines.
    • But like many people who spend too long in front of their computers, he's talking about a Platonic ideal rather than the real world.
    • The novel has no Platonic form, and there is certainly no requirement that writers adhere to a formula or set of rules.
    • The Greek, especially the Platonic, tradition saw the soul and body as utterly distinct and separate entities.
    • Garbo's face, still, white, perfect, like a mask, resembles the timeless Platonic ideal of beauty as it exists in the mind of God.
    • Even in democracies, however, there are fascinating relics of the Platonic image of the guardians.
    • He also accepted the Platonic distinction between the real and the phenomenal, with which this ideal often was associated.
    • My understanding of both Scripture and Platonic philosophy is far too limited to provide a sufficient response.
    • An authoritarian response would be to delegate power to a paternalistic dictator, a Platonic philosopher king.
    • We might think that we are no better off in understanding Medea after learning of the Stoic - Platonic dispute over the right way to interpret what is going on in her.
    • To answer this question, one might begin by contrasting, at least in a crude way, a Humean with a Platonic conception of practical reasoning.
    • I think that Greek Tragedy and the Platonic dialogues are positively riddled with irony.
    • Philo adopted the Platonic concept of the soul with its tripartite division.
    • Madison shows that Nietzsche directed his critique of Platonic science at the assumption that science represents reality.
    • The reality of such common objects of experience also earned a philosophical sanction from Platonic idealism.
    • This is the convergence of the real and the abstract, the Platonic ideal and its inferior shadow, matter and energy.
    • According to Platonic philosophy, mathematics is the proper training for understanding the Universe as it is, as opposed to how it appears.
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