Traducción de platter en Español:


fuente, n.

Pronunciación /ˈplædər//ˈplatə/


  • 1

    fuente femenino
    salad platter surtido de ensaladas masculino
    • Select foods that can be served cold or at room temperature and that can be served family style on large platters for quick serving.
    • Paul lifted the lid off his serving platter to reveal huge pieces of breaded pork covered in sweet-and-sour sauce on a bed of freshly steamed white rice.
    • While that's going on, put the bread bowl on a serving platter or an oversized plate, and artlessly arrange the bread chunks around it.
    • Donovan and Darius sprang to life, scooping food onto their plates before passing the platters and dishes to their father.
    • Waitresses were running with platters and plates and drinks, one was making another pot of coffee, another was pouring coffee up and down the line.
    • She watched for a while, thinking, then tripped down to the kitchen, whipped up a pitcher of iced lemonade, and arranged it on a serving platter with several glasses.
    • Carrie also posts notes on serving bowls and platters to designate which goes with each recipe.
    • Decorative serving platters also make great presents for the culinarily gifted.
    • Here, candlelight transforms the plainest dish until our platters glitter like the wish for love and bliss.
    • The serving platter was piled high with big chunks of pork bone - I couldn't figure out exactly where on the pig they came from, though some of the pieces looked suspiciously like vertebrae.
    • Arrange the fish on a serving platter, and pour the remaining saffron water over the fish.
    • She picked up a plate and dished up food from the platters that Aidan had set on the blue tile covered buffet in the center of the kitchen.
    • They smelled heavenly as she put them on a serving platter.
    • This consisted of eight soup plates, eight platters, eight dinner plates, two soup tureens with lids, two meat plates, twelve tea plates, two gravy boats, two milk jugs, two sugar bowls, one teapot and six coffee cups.
    • She began arranging the pears on a serving platter.
    • Frilled ones can even be used to decorate a serving platter.
    • Isaiah reached for a serving platter, glancing down the table at Tara.
    • Frederick has already started to produce his Christmas line of serving dishes, platters, bowls and teacups, which will be on sale at the open studio.
    • Left at the foot of her bed was a large platter with a dish of rice, a plate of sushi, a bowl of soup, a portion of mixed cooked vegetables, a cup of dipping sauce and a goblet of mineral water.
    • Along with elaborate vessels and sculpted creatures, Diakite creates platters, plates, bowls, and a variety of other forms that are sold as both functional objects and works of art.
  • 2EEUU coloquial

    disco masculino
    • Right now I'm chilling with Jurassic 5, and Tool primarily, but I've been dusting off my old Public Enemy platters.
    • Sounds Eclectic 3 is a good sampler platter of what's been going on in music over the past few years.
    • But I've heard and ingested a lot of the heavyweights, and this intense platter even knocks them out.
    • It started with a few scratchy 45s that an aunt had bestowed on me as an alternative to throwing the precious platters in the direction of a Blue Peter bring-and-buy sale.
    • Like its counterpart on the other side of the platter, this audio track is very weak and also seems to have a subtle hum in the background.