Traducción de playback en Español:


play-back, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpleɪbak//ˈpleɪˌbæk/


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    play-back masculino
    • Also, it looks like home video playback on the Tivo will also soon be available.
    • One might, for example, copy a music CD to an audio cassette for playback on one's Walkman.
    • Sony also bundles stereo earphones with a remote control for private audio and video playback.
    • Durabis technology resists scratches, which can cause recording and playback errors.
    • It's free and offers high quality playback, video programming, ability to create a playlist of favourite videos.
    • Each has a console, extra controller, the DVD playback kit, and various games.
    • For example, very few support video playback, relying solely on audio and still images.
    • The company has touted its audio option and published results of DVD playback tests.
    • A media server system and method are disclosed for playback of digital media.
    • So if you spent money on earbuds, you will hear the difference, especially if you record for playback in the highest quality streams.
    • Well, we can get much more informative results by measuring the average video playback speed.
    • Instant playback of recorded video gave these trendy gadgets an edge over the conventional machines.
    • Unfortunately, it was something of a letdown, mainly related to video performance and DVD playback.
    • How would you use one, and would it be worth spending $500 on a device that only did video playback?
    • This mode is used to select a previously archived session for playback via a remote VCR server.
    • Then when you hit Play, the hard-drive playback begins picking up right where you left off.
    • This feature allows the user to capture memos or incoming phone conversations for future playback.
    • During DVD playback, all sounds were where they should have been, and all at normal volumes.
    • The company claims a four-hour video playback time; or ten hours if you're listening to songs.
    • Images may be recorded for playback on a standard VHS video cassette recorder.