Traducción de playwright en Español:


dramaturgo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpleɪˌraɪt//ˈpleɪrʌɪt/


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    dramaturgo masculino
    dramaturga femenino
    autor teatral masculino
    autora teatral femenino
    • As a stage actor and, lately, a television star, he is probably the last person you would think of as a playwright of note.
    • The influence of playwrights like Pinter and Beckett was more apparent in his teens.
    • Novelists, poets and playwrights all see such biographers as parasites.
    • The Chelsea Theatre is committed to presenting new plays by new writers alongside premieres by established playwrights.
    • They specialise in the less well-known works of major European playwrights such as Ionesco.
    • I think in terms of style of directing, the onus really falls on the playwright.
    • None the less, you can't help thinking that Eliot was a far better poet than he was a playwright.
    • What else is there to write about when you are a young playwright casting around for ideas?
    • This may very well be true yet, regrettably, the playwright forgot to let us in on the mystery.
    • She said that the solution to the problem is not to make theatres hire more black actors but to get more black playwrights to write plays for them.
    • There are poets, playwrights, essayists and those who can write articles on various topics among them.
    • The most notable of the playwrights are Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles.
    • The playwright's script seizes rich language that allows the story to tell itself.
    • As you know, the relationship between playwrights and dramaturges is rather delicate.
    • Young directors work closely alongside the playwrights, both eager to enable each other to learn and discover from each other.
    • Even if these people are the fictional creations of a playwright, you feel that you know them at the end of a good play.
    • The playwrights seem to suggest that by not opening up, men remain lost.
    • All in all, it is reminder that even with a natural talent, playwrights do not necessarily spring fully formed.
    • He never quite regained his position as a playwright although as a songwriter and cabaret artist he was triumphant.
    • George F Walker is one of Canada's most prolific and widely-produced playwrights.