Traducción de pleasure en Español:


placer, n.

Pronunciación /ˈplɛʒə//ˈplɛʒər/


  • 1

    • 1.1(happiness, satisfaction)

      placer masculino
      the pursuit of pleasure la búsqueda del placer
      • it's a pleasure to listen to her es un placer / da gusto escucharla
      • I get a lot of pleasure out of reading disfruto muchísimo leyendo
      • before noun the pleasure principle el principio de placer
      • pleasure seeker hedonista
      • He crossed the line rubbing his hands together gleefully, with all the pure pleasure of a happy 15 year old boy.
      • The good is not mere satisfaction or pleasure, but that which satisfies a person as a human.
      • What I want to do is to give my customers the satisfaction and pleasure.
      • More blood two days before the party gave her the boost she needed, and left us all with a happy memory of her pleasure.
      • Grossly immoral standards are portrayed as if they are the norm and will bring utmost satisfaction and pleasure.
      • But now I've got doctors helping me so I'm really dispensable in so many ways and so what I do I do just for my own satisfaction and pleasure.
      • If you were to do that, then you'd see that this is a delightful family film with enough gentle pleasure to satisfy both the children and the parents.
      • Sometimes your only compensation will be the satisfaction and pleasure of your own personal achievements; it may not be your placings.
      • Canace had smiled in joy and pleasure, although she didn't completely understand.
      • She acquired other things but instead of regarding these things as possessions which defined who she was, she saw them as things which simply gave her satisfaction and pleasure.
      • It was an expression of satisfaction and pleasure; he could glean that much from the swirling and shifting of her mental aura.
      • Do you think that I would do this for my own satisfaction or pleasure?
      • Everyone present expressed satisfaction, approval, pleasure and delight at being in attendance.
      • But the ability to give grandiose expression to excessive sentiment must offer some satisfaction, some pleasure.
      • Perhaps if he had been more concerned with self-advancement he might not have fallen into obscurity - but would he then have produced such happy music for our pleasure?
      • Being happy and feeling pleasure are good things that you need not ever deny yourself.
      • Like pleasure, virtue is sought for its own sake.
      • One gains the greatest type of satisfaction and pleasure from doing the right thing, and as a result the two choices merge into one.
      • People pet cats because giving another being pleasure is satisfying; the genius of cats is simply to be willing to be honest about how good it feels to be petted.
      • There was no uncertainty, no wavering, no hesitation, nor was there any mirth, any pleasure, any satisfaction.

    • 1.2(in polite formulas)

      it is with the greatest pleasure that we … tenemos el gran placer de …
      • I don't believe I've had the pleasure no creo haber tenido el placer / el gusto
      • Mr John Smith requests the pleasure of your company at … John Smith tiene el placer de invitar a Vd a …
      • it gives me great pleasure to introduce … me es muy grato poder presentarles …
      • it gives me no pleasure to have to tell you this lamento / siento mucho tener que decirte esto

  • 2

    • 2.1(recreation, amusement)

      placer masculino
      I play just for pleasure toco solo porque me gusta
      • before noun pleasure craft embarcación de recreo
      • pleasure cruise crucero de placer
      • pleasure garden parque de atracciones
      • pleasure trip viaje de placer
      • We must think of ourselves, not in terms of the satisfaction we get, from what we eat, or enjoy as pleasure, or entertainment today.
      • Attempts to create a more patriotic and disciplined culture soon reshaped what remained of popular pleasure and entertainment.
      • The Field with its cast of classical characters in an epic setting is sure to be an evening of entertainment and pleasure not to be missed.
      • I'm becoming a master of the Friday early night/lie-in combo right now, although this is more out of necessity than pleasure, sadly.
      • Glasgow has become a place of leisure, pleasure and entertainment.
      • The toy is a tool for pleasure, leisure, and entertainment.
      • It is giving away, or not indulging in, pleasure for entertainment's sake.
      • On the second conception, all we want, when we want to be happy, is pleasure.
      • It turns obligation into pleasure, a daily necessity into a celebration.
      • Yet by far the overwhelming majority of vacationers travel for pleasure.
      • People have been skiing since 3000BC, but the birth of modern skiing - for pleasure rather than necessity - only began in the late nineteenth century.
      • He allowed no expenditure for entertainments or pleasure.
      • Some parts of the building are for entertainment, pleasure, and relaxation; others for work and for meeting outsiders.
      • This seems quite strange to the modern sensibility, which associates organised travel purely with relaxation and pleasure.
      • The family shared Calvin's view that ‘we cannot avoid those things, which seem to serve pleasure rather than necessity’.
      • There's a problem here, an interesting one if one is concerned about reading as an act of pleasure as opposed to literature as a field of scholarship.
      • The only way to do that is to attract people to visit the town for pleasure and entertainment and to create wealth by providing employment.
      • Read it for all the same reasons that you would read the novels - for boundless entertainment and for pure pleasure.
      • Parents want more from their children's entertainment than mere pleasure.
      • Five lounges exist for entertainment pleasure, including a show lounge offering live music, a sports bar and grille, and a coffee bar lounge.

    • 2.2(source of happiness)

      placer masculino
      she introduced him to the pleasures of good food lo inició en los placeres de la buena mesa
      • Jane is a real pleasure to teach da gusto / es un verdadero placer darle clases a Jane
      • it's a great pleasure having you back estamos encantados de tenerlo una vez más entre nosotros
      • it was a pleasure fue un placer
      • His own interest in food lay in the pleasures to be derived from it.
      • She lacked a vision of enjoyment of life's pleasures as obedience to the divine will.
      • It is undoubtedly true that the pleasures of smoking are derived from the actions of nicotine on the central nervous system.
      • For your reading pleasure, we are happy to publish a few of the more reasoned responses from a group of very grown up, brave and clear-headed individuals.
      • They have an inclination for pleasures and they desire to revel in them for ever.
      • This movie was one of the unexpected pleasures of the Toronto International Film Festival.
      • All we will feel is a pang of regret for the times when sport seemed such good company, giving us so many pleasures.
      • This also embraces your innate inclination towards the leisurely enjoyment of life's pleasures.
      • Not only does a garden bring some of the pleasures of rural life to the city, with a variety of plant life, it will also attract wildlife.
      • But we also get the social pleasures of drink, as hobby and recreation, as lifestyle choice.
      • I resist the view that the pleasures of fiction derive from its purely thought-experimental aspects.
      • The central pleasure of a truly satisfying memoir is the narrator's ability to reflect, artfully and persuasively.
      • She also had the satisfaction and pleasure of having a rare bird's-eye-view of the city's landscape.
      • Having said that, the film is not without its pleasures, most of which derive from the casting.
      • But do not renounce the pleasure of being happy and of making for happiness in this.
      • He was a precocious genius, became famous very early, and for a while tasted society life and the pleasure of entertainment and diversion.
      • Eating disorders are an example of the loss of the ability to be satisfied with the simplest pleasure of life.
      • I now have a wonderful boyfriend, and it is my great pleasure to make him happy in every way I can.
      • This is the week to indulge in your fondness for sports and pleasures, but beware of scandals.
      • For Dr Hall, one of the festival's great pleasures is seeing these friends of Jorvik arrive each year.