Traducción de pleather en Español:


cuerina, n.

Pronunciación /ˈplɛðə//ˈplɛðər/


  • 1

    cuerina femenino
    • Petroleum products like pleather are not sustainable, are not biodegradable, and are associated with pollution.
    • Wearing my red pleather skirt, and a soft black cotton top, I walked to the Mansion praying that I wouldn't fall in the crab grass.
    • I shrugged it off and sat next to him on the leather sofa, trying to tell myself that it was pleather and there were no animals harmed in the making of it.
    • I brought to him many different pairs, but the ones he really liked were these shiny, silverish looking pleather pants.
    • There's a plethora of pleather out there, and some materials are so well-made that you can hardly tell the difference between what's real and what's not.
    • Because of its greater reliability in dying, color nuances and prints, some designers find that they have more stylistic versatility with pleather than leather.
    • It was made out of leather, or possibly pleather, tight pants and a halter-top.
    • It is often thought of and described as a young-age leather, but pleather is not bound to the size or age quota that fashions frequently adhere to.
    • The most logical conclusion was that today's version was cross-dressing, wearing a strange hodgepodge of crinoline, fishnet, and pleather that was too ghastly to properly behold.
    • The booth I was sitting in was pleather and red, and reeked of ketchup and mustard.