Traducción de plenty en Español:


abundancia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈplɛn(t)i//ˈplɛnti/


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    abundancia femenino
    in plenty en abundancia
    • Music has given Sudha plenty in life and she plans to give back to it some in her own special way.
    • That way he has plenty to feed himself, as well as some of his garden's pests.
    • Those of vague faith hold a perfectly reasonable and defensible position in a world of plenty.
    • For a democracy enjoying peace and plenty, the terms of the Bill were sweeping.
    • Faced with such plenty, it is hard to understand how anyone could go hungry in this part of the world.
    • On Christmas Day, at least, we hope to bring plenty and warmth to all such cases.


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    • 1.1(large, sufficient number)

      he's the best actor I've seen and I've seen plenty es el mejor actor que he visto y he visto a muchos
      • there are plenty more in here aquí hay muchos/muchas más
      • It could mean that she has no secrets or that she has plenty but has no room to tell us what they are.
      • In addition to their artistic importance, there's certainly plenty to talk about.
      • So Boris achieved his end, drank plenty, signed books and made some more money.
      • The tall winger still had plenty to do, but he outpaced a couple of defenders to score between the posts.
      • Cheerful in a different way, for sure, but I still have plenty to be cheery about.
      • With an average of eight A grades per pupil, there was plenty for all to celebrate at St Mary's.
      • Adults and children alike will have plenty to see at Bowood House, which caters for all the family.
      • He has plenty to say, but because it doesn't come naturally, he pretends that he doesn't.
      • On bad days, and there have been plenty, Nicki would express herself by battering people.
      • The actual driving is very impressive, with car and track physics giving you plenty to cope with.
      • He still has plenty to prove next season after three barren years following his accident abroad.
      • There is plenty to sort out - asylum, crime, health and education to mention but a few.
      • For a fourteen year old that is downright insulting and even an eight year old may have plenty to say on his or her own account.
      • So there's still plenty to look forward to and I, for one, plan to relish every second of it.
      • Efforts are underway to renovate the historic centre of the city, but there is still plenty to see.
      • On the other hand there is plenty we citizens can do to bring about a positive outcome.
      • No matter what your interest, there is plenty to see and do at the Holker Garden Festival this year.
      • The slate-built village itself above the lake also has plenty to offer the sightseer.
      • All in all, then, a pretty mixed bag with plenty for all the three main political parties to ponder.
      • I couldn't charge as much rent, but there was surely plenty to be recouped in stealth taxes.

    • 1.2

      plenty of muchas
      • I wasn't bored, I had plenty of books no me aburrí, tenía muchos libros
      • we may not be much good, but there are plenty of us no seremos demasiado buenos, pero somos muchos

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    • 2.1(large, sufficient quantity)

      there was plenty to eat había comida en abundancia
      • there's plenty more in here aquí hay mucho más
      • $50 is plenty 50 dólares es más que suficiente

    • 2.2

      plenty of mucho
      • we've got plenty of time tenemos tiempo de sobra
      • he's done plenty of studying for the exam ha estudiado mucho para el examen
      • the food wasn't very good, but there was plenty of it la comida no era muy buena, pero había mucha
      • you need rest and plenty of it necesitas descansar, y mucho


coloquial, dialecto

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    she must love him plenty debe quererlo mucho
    • it's plenty good enough for me está perfectamente bien para mí
    • It raining plenty back in Jamaica, so much so that even hail was dropping from the sky!
    • In my experience, though, it ends up being easy to read and plenty fast.
    • Or, buy a deck of quiz or trivia cards to keep their brains plenty busy.
    • Pete isn't what he used to be, but he's still plenty good.
    • Windy was still making sure everyone was evacuated, and the other 3 were plenty busy.
    • Most gamers will probably find that the default view is plenty good though.
    • A radio was playing in the other room, so that kept my mind plenty busy.
    • There are lots of new properties being built in the area which must bring in plenty more revenue to dispose of.
    • Seeing animals reproducing in the wild would be plenty magical enough for me.
    • You didn't stick to your strategy, and it may have cost you plenty in the long run.
    • Cycle time seems plenty fast, similar to a standard 1911.
    • My dad's thinking was that it's plenty fast to be in the race.
    • We arrived at around 8pm when there was still plenty enough room to bagsie a decent spot at the bar.
    • For that reason, many less discriminating viewers will be plenty happy with this movie.