Traducción de pliable en Español:


maleable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈplʌɪəb(ə)l//ˈplaɪəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (material/substance) maleable
    • But when it is warm, the rubber is pliable and retains high elasticity, even when being stretched hard.
    • They use earplugs or soft, pliable pods attached to a flexible metal or plastic band, which can be used behind the head, under the chin, or over the head.
    • Most of them are cast in a somewhat soft and pliable plastic and at first I was disappointed in this thinking that a more rigid plastic would have been preferable.
    • They are covered in glistening, black scales, like the hooded serpents that steal the eggs from our hens, but stretched and pliable, like the most well-worked leather riding hand-coverings.
    • Phthalates are used to make plastic soft and pliable and in the past were found in soothers, teething toys, babies' bottles and other baby goods.
    • Branches should be pliable and not snap very easily.
    • This physically elastic and histrionically pliable performer is as acrobatic on a stage as an aerialist under the big top.
    • If the sponge has been dampened in warm water, you will have a more pliable and flexible sponge.
    • Well, in clay animation, each object is sculpted in clay or a similarly pliable material such as plasticine, usually around an armature.
    • Amorphous solids are thermally plastic, being hard, rigid, and brittle at low temperature, and soft, flexible, and pliable at high temperature.
    • Normal fats are very supple and pliable, but the trans fatty acid is a stiff fat that can build up in the body and create havoc.
    • An elastic, pliable lens is required to change your focus from your wingman to your kneeboard.
    • They make a huge range of PVC-based plastics more pliable and durable and improve the spreadability of antiperspirants, soaps and face creams.
    • Using tweezers, Geoff carefully removed the tiny, pliable plastic disc.
    • Their skin is very pliable and internal organs are easily punctured.
    • The soft cuticle is pliable but tough and not easily pierced.
    • It was easily pliable, but amazingly tough, withstanding hundreds of pounds of pressure and scorching heat that could have charred the flesh off of a human being.
    • In each work, the play of texture seems to transform the rigid stone into a more supple or pliable substance like plastic or clay.
    • Immediately after the molt, the crab's new ‘soft shell’ is pliable and easily stretched.
    • Considered the next-generation in flat panel displays, this technology involves the use of pliable plastic instead of rigid glass in TFT-LCD production.
  • 2

    (person/attitude) flexible
    (attitude/person) acomodaticio despectivo
    • Is the government, is the political process pliable enough?
    • In the 1930s, this led it into conflict with Franklin Roosevelt's economic programs, and provoked a Presidential threat to stack the Court with pliable appointees.
    • Although modern, urban spaces were pliable enough to reflect historical changes, their concrete nature suggested that gender differences could not be eroded easily.
    • I'm staggered by Arndt's apparent argument that education should be about preparing young people to be pliable media fodder in sporting and entertainment fields.
    • It took centuries to still the fear in some pliable animals - domestication it's called - but most cannot get over their fear, and I doubt they ever will.
    • However, research increasingly suggests that humans are just pliable puppets, with definable biological and chemical responses to certain stimuli.
    • I came to know that though the Director was an efficient and upright officer, she happened to incur the Minister's displeasure for the simple reason that she was not pliable.
    • They should know that all of us are pliable and suggestible to some degree, but that children are especially vulnerable to suggestive and leading questioning.
    • By contemplating compassion and love, we become familiar with the pliable mind of peace.
    • Born in 1922 and crowned in 1941 by French colonisers eager to install a pliable puppet, Sihanouk abdicated the throne in 1955 to contest the country's first elections.
    • He was seen as overly reliant on handlers and aides, and easily pliable.
    • There are hundreds more where you came from; they're campus-fresh, younger, pliable, cheaper and hungry for work at any cost.
    • Several barriers in his consciousness that normally stand sentinel around his impressions of women become pliable and my image begins to migrate towards that of his mother.
    • In this respect, the theory is pliable enough to accommodate varying Pagan paths.
    • In all likelihood, the team just wanted a more pliable head coach.
    • Then, as governor of Texas, he was graced with a pliable enough bipartisan Legislature, and the Legislature is where the real work in that state's governance gets done.
    • We'll just get our own grip on that pliable feminine mind!
    • When minds are young and pliable - government experts understand this principle - you can fill them with nonsense that is practically impossible to root out.
    • In a similar way, those who wanted to embrace Jesus and the life he called them to needed to become pliable and flexible, willing to be taught a new way of thinking and acting.
    • So how can we cooperate with the Holy Spirit to receive this pliable heart?