Traducción de plod en Español:


caminar lenta y pesadamente, v.

Pronunciación /plɒd//plɑd/

verbo intransitivoplodded, plodding

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    caminar lenta y pesadamente
    dog-tired, he plodded up the steps rendido de cansancio, subió pesadamente la escalera
    • the film plods along la película se hace lentísima
    • And I was exhausted - probably the walk was a little over-ambitious for me, and I plodded along at an agonising pace for the last couple of hours.
    • Only one horse, a massive old mare that plodded slowly and tirelessly, hooves pounding the packed earth of the road with a quiet clop-clopping sound, drew the cart.
    • In fact, she plodded along, dragging what was left of her backpack on the ground, too weak to actually carry it.
    • She turned around slowly on her heel and plodded back to her mother.
    • She walked all day, plodding down deserted alleyways and running across busy intersections.
    • I heard their heavy boots slowly plodding across the hardwood floors to the back stairs that led to his room.
    • The men plod, doggedly, with large unwieldy blackboards slung over their shoulders, but everywhere they look nobody is interested in reading and writing when living from day to day is such a concern.
    • I slowly plodded down the steps of bus.
    • Ben slowly plodded over to his bed and slid in between the unwashed sheets, relieved to be able to close his eyes and shut out the world for a few hours.
    • When she got home, she slowly plodded up the stairs and quietly closed the door behind her as she entered her room.
    • It plods along for 13 minutes, 22 seconds without being musically or lyrically interesting.
    • Stephen plodded up the wooden stairs and plonked himself down on a chair.
    • Wendy threaded her way around the old firetruck, plodded up the front steps, and continued on up to her room, where she flopped out on her bed, staring at the ceiling.
    • Steven followed the two of them towards the bedrooms, his eyelids feeling very heavy as he plodded his way into his room.
    • Ahead of her, Hans plodded through the mud, hood down and apparently unconcerned that his short black hair was plastered to his thick skull.
    • I walked into the bar and let out a breath, slowly plodding through the barroom, ignoring the late-night barflies.
    • As the predictable plot plods onward, the viewer will sink further and further into despair.
    • Focusing once more on the road, she plodded onward.
    • Neither spoke, so they carried on, the horse plodding slowly along the path.
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    she's still plodding away at her thesis sigue lidiando / batallando con la tesis
    • how's work going? — oh, plodding along ¿qué tal el trabajo? — ahí va, jalando


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    caminata femenino