Traducción de plosive en Español:


oclusiva, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpləʊsɪv//ˈpləʊsɪz//ˈploʊzɪv/


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    oclusiva femenino
    • All the sounds were from the throat and vocal chords or sharp plosives from the lips.
    • Rhymes are reduced to a collection of plosives, vowels and half formed syllables where the power of the original delivery is left intact but the sense is all but removed; the rap becomes just another component of the music.
    • He kept separate the constituents of consonantal clusters, relishing sibilants and fricatives as much as plosives and liquids, and studied the duration of pauses as carefully as the duration of syllables.
    • This is an arduous task: transcribing laughter, and words which are punctuated by breathy plosives, is extremely difficult; but there are analytic dividends.
    • The microphone's worst enemy is wind and plosives (the popping letters, such as ‘p’) from close speaking.


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