Traducción de plumb in en Español:

plumb in

instalar, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • Install a small electric water heater for heat and plumb it into the existing heater core, or use a small ceramic electric space heater.
    • TV programmes and books try to persuade us that we, whoever we are, can make over scrubby lawns, erect decking, build pergolas, plumb in water features, and construct a little Blenheim in a rectangle of twenty by thirty feet.
    • ‘Let's say that you have just bought a washing machine but you're having difficulty plumbing it in.’
    • Once all the water and air systems have been plumbed in and the exhaust system and electronic and electrical connectors added, the engine is fired up.
    • It was obvious that, at some stage, this sink had been plumbed in.
    • ‘I had a flood in my kitchen after they fitted it as they had not plumbed the fittings in.’
    • Quick update - just went to start plumbing in the kitchen, only to find that we've not got the right bits (I'll spare the details) so it's had to be put on hold.
    • Still only another couple of days and I can look forward to cooking on gas again when the gas fitter plumbs in the new hob.