Traducción de plummy en Español:


de clase alta, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpləmi//ˈplʌmi/

adjetivoplummier, plummiest

  • 1Britanico coloquial

    (accent/voice) de clase alta
    (voice/accent) popoff México coloquial
    (voice/accent) pijo España coloquial
    (voice/accent) de pituco Cono Sur Perú coloquial
    • The association's conference hall was awash with plummy accents and tweed jackets.
    • ‘I think she is mad,’ states Broomfield, in his plummy matter-of-fact way.
    • Where I come from, I'm considered positively plummy.
    • Sooner or later plummy positions come up for grabs.
    • By now, her style was set and her rather off key notes and plummy pronunciation of the lyrics interspersed with gasps and giggles made her interpretations unique.
    • She was teased by the other girls and quickly lost her Irish accent, acquiring the plummy tones she now has.
    • Merlot has also been popular over Italy's north eastern border in Slovenia and all down the Dalmatian coast, where it can be attractively plummy when yields are restricted.
    • The ads feature plummy accents and British World War Two-era design and symbolism from the home front movement.
    • It actually struck me on starting this second reading that it is actually a bit plummy but I am sure that is deliberate in order to contrast the up-tight Englishman with the abandoned behaviour of his Danish Lover.
    • He was forty-seven but he acted like he was seventy-four, and his voice was so plummy River had always wondered if he was putting it on.
    • She has an old-fashioned, classical air about her, with her rich, raspy, plummy tones.
    • He does the voiceover in suitably plummy tones.
    • ‘Absurd,’ said a geriatric 50-year-old with a plummy accent.
    • He even sounds, in Noah's ears, like a plummy civil servant.
    • Only her plummy vowels remind you she is an Epsom girly.
    • He is seen in the film apologising in his plummy tones to the man and, ironically, it is this stiff upper lip that sees him through some sticky patches.
    • Filmed in only one take at Chicken Inferno 2004, this work is definitely worth five minutes of your time, if only to hear our friend, Jay's plummy dialogue.
    • His plummy accent, polite demeanour and sartorial elegance remind one of an era when business was conducted at gentlemen's clubs over cigars and port.
    • The programme was on about 10.00 am, maybe 10.30-the presenter was discussing the programme as well as including clips of the plummy BBC presenter explaining the fairy tale from when it was first broadcast.
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