Traducción de plunge en español:


Pronunciación: /plʌn(d)ʒ//pləndʒ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (immerse, thrust)
    to plunge sth into sth sumergir / meter algo en algo
    • she plunged the knife into his heart le hundió / le clavó el cuchillo en el corazón
    • I plunged my hands deeper into my pockets metí bien las manos en los bolsillos
    • ‘Animals eat this stuff, but it's all I have to take home to them,’ she says, plunging her hands into the bag and pulling out bunches of grass and weed.
    • To cook the quail's eggs, drop the eggs into boiling water for three and a half minutes and then plunge them into iced water to halt the cooking process.
    • Take the tip of a large knife and quickly and firmly plunge the knife downwards through this cross.
    • Ms Telford said the government was trying its hardest to raise aspirations amongst people from low-income backgrounds, but was only dashing their hopes by plunging them into tens of thousands of pounds of debt.
    • Blanch the lettuces by plunging them into boiling water for 3 minutes (put the lid on the pan as soon as the lettuces go in, to help the water come back to the boil as quickly as possible).
    • The coalition alleges that the cuts to bursaries will plunge students into high levels of debt by forcing them to rely more heavily on student loans to finance their education.
    • He tipped the vial over and plunged the needle into it, sucking out the liquid.
    • China could always recall its debts, crippling the US and plunging the entire world into a black depression (economically speaking).
    • He plunges his hands under the faucet, splashing water over his face.
    • It's tempting, when they are this fresh and crisp, to do nothing more than plunge them into boiling water, and serve them up in great piles, unadorned and tasting only of themselves.
    • Then the tissue is plunged into liquid nitrogen, at 190C below zero.
    • The Liberal Democrats warned that forcing people to save for their retirement could plunge many further into financial difficulty.
    • He slaps some sticky tape over the opening to seal it, takes a deep breath, then plunges it into a bowl of cold water.
    • Turning on the cold water, I plunged my hands into it, and splashed it upon my face.
    • Similarly, plunging food into boiling hot oil or water destroys vitamins.
    • If using fresh tomatoes, plunge them into boiling water for 30 seconds, then pop in cold water, enabling you to peel the skins away.
    • Suddenly reminded, Alexia plunged her hand into her apron pocket, and drew out a small jam-jar wrapped with paper.
    • The results were disastrous, plunging the country into deep depression, with high unemployment, sharply falling living standards and serious political unrest.
    • Using rubber gloves, put nettles in two litres of salted boiling water for a second to remove the sting then plunge them into iced water.
    • He accidentally dropped the stick into the fire and plunged his arm into the flames to retrieve it.
    • What this means is that journalists need to forewarn people of the dangers of certain words and actions that carry the potential of plunging their communities or the nation into chaos.
    • Although peeling isn't essential because this variety has a rather thin skin, it is an easy matter to plunge them into boiling water, drain and then slip off the skins.
    • With the warrior dazed, he quickly plunges his sword into his exposed chest.
    • A handy tip is to plunge the small onions into boiling water for a minute before peeling them to make the job a lot easier.
    • Suddenly the bird plunges its head into the water to catch the fish in its bill crosswise. Then, if the fish is less than one half the length of its bill, it swallows it whole after manipulating it to go down its throat headfirst.
    • Shorn of their roots, the leaves can be plunged briefly into boiling water then either into a pan of hot butter and black pepper or shaken with some walnut or olive oil.
    • Immediately, while the glass is still hot, plunge it into cold water.
    • If any plants are dry, plunge the whole pot in a bowl of water and wait until no more bubbles appear.
    • They also feed visually by capturing prey from the surface of mud or water, by plunging their heads into water, and by snatching insects from the air.
    • She thrust his trench coat at him and gratefully plunged her hands into the cool and cleansing water.
    • They first dunk the tissue in a simple solution of ethylene glycol and buffered saline, and then chill the samples by plunging them into liquid nitrogen.
    • After a few minutes, he lifted the piece of metal off the anvil with a pair of tongs and plunged it into a bucket of water near by.
    • The minstrel quickly plunged the burning metal rod in the soldier's face.
    • The pastas are also freshly made, with fettuccine, angel hair and spinach ravioli all waiting to be plunged into boiling water at a guest's command.
    • I was plunged into the water among dark shadows with occasional shafts of light.
    • He got as close as he could before plunging his gloved hand quickly into the center of the smoking embers, and drawing out a long blackened object.
    • Pierce the skin at the other end, then plunge it into boiling water.
    • Then, he knelt down and very quickly plunged the knife into it, and edged it around to make a large slit.
    • If you don't, you risk plunging yourself into the kind of doubt and uncertainty that only strenuous mental exertion can deal with and that's just the thing that busy people like yourself need to avoid.
  • 2

    (into state, condition)
    the street was plunged into darkness la calle quedó a oscuras / quedó sumida en la oscuridad
    • the news plunged him into the depths of depression la noticia lo sumió en una fuerte depresión
    • the nation was plunged into war la nación se vio precipitada a una guerra
    • to plunge oneself into work/study/a cause entregarse al trabajo/al estudio/a una causa

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (dive) zambullirse
    (fall) caer
    he plunged into the pool se zambulló en la piscina
    • she plunged 50ft to her death cayó 50 pies y encontró la muerte
    • the car plunged over the cliff el coche se precipitó por el acantilado
    • she plunged into the New York social scene se metió de cabeza en el mundillo social neoyorquino
  • 2

    (slope downward steeply)
    (road/path) descender bruscamente
    the neckline plunges at the back el escote se acentúa en la espalda
  • 3

    (output/price/popularity) caer en picada
    (output/popularity/price) caer en picado España
    (output/price/popularity) desplomarse
    (output/price/popularity) irse a pique
  • 4

    (ship) cabecear
    (horse) corcovear


  • 1

    (in water)
    zambullida femenino
    chapuzón masculino
    to take the plunge (get married) dar el paso
  • 2

    caída femenino
  • 3

    (of price, value) caída femenino
    (of temperature) descenso masculino
    shares took a plunge las acciones se fueron a pique / cayeron en picada
  • 4

    (of neckline)
    escote masculino