Traducción de pocket battleship en Español:

pocket battleship

acorazado de bolsillo, n.


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    acorazado de bolsillo masculino
    • Though outgunned by the German's heavy weapons, task force leader Cdre Henry Harwood engaged Graf Spee - at great cost to all three British vessels, which were badly damaged by the pocket battleship's 11 in main turrets.
    • West Indies can at least look forward to a more spirited performance in the field, now that their pocket battleships have been reunited for the first time since the tour of England last summer.
    • To get round the restrictions of Versailles, Germany produced pocket battleships.
    • Attempting a night landing on the Rio del Plata near Montevideo, the aircraft crashed and sank near the wreck of the German pocket battleship Graf Spee.
    • The side are captained by 5ft 3ins pocket battleship Hudson, who made the headlines nation-wide after winning her first boxing bout in the University's annual tournament with Sandhurst.
    • The ball rolled back to Beall just six yards out, but the pocket battleship took an age to bite the cherry for a second time and was crowded out before getting a shot in.
    • To the delight of many, the pocket battleship stayed on to share a few beers with the lads at the bar.
    • As South Africa's pocket battleship said, that philosophy applied equally well in sport as in life.
    • The real Jervis Bay was sunk while defending a convoy against a pocket battleship.
    • It is interesting to me that the profile of a WWII German pocket battleship should resemble a British Type 45 next generation missile destroyer.