Traducción de pocket money en Español:

pocket money

dinero para gastos personales, n.


  • 1

    (spending money)
    dinero para gastos personales masculino
    • They are living there under the state assistance programme for asylum seekers, which provides food, accommodation and pocket money.
    • As he is hopeless at arranging his financial affairs, I propose to deposit money with you for his pocket money and ask you to be good enough to dole it out to him once a week.
    • But I am getting too old to be living off the kind of pocket money I make.
    • He was glad he still had pocket money and that he had ten dollars left in case he needed it.
    • Even if you pooled your pocket money I can't imagine how you made up the shortfall.
    • At that time, admission to the museum cost 10 cents, but he has only had a tiny amount of pocket money to spend.
    • Many need to save their pocket money for a down payment on a new home.
    • Of course he would get paid for the work and pass the money on, it was very handy pocket money for a teenager still at school.
    • His volunteers have to pay for their flight, insurance and pocket money, but the orphanage provides free bed and board.
    • To get help with this task, I have to pay more pocket money.
    • So considering my options of staying at home and rotting or getting a job and earning some extra pocket money, I decided to do the latter.
    • The overall cost was £350 not including pocket money but it was all worth it, all of them would go again.
    • As for asylum seekers on two thirds benefit, this sum is more pocket money than most can expect.
    • The $7.75m for the swimming pool would be pocket money by comparison.
    • Well, if you're looking for a good account to deposit pocket money and the occasional larger sum, you need an instant-access account that pays a great rate.
    • But here are some full-time students who make the most of their spare time by earning pocket money to meet their sundry expenses.
    • They are fed, clothed and housed, and are given just enough pocket money to buy drinks at least once a week in the local bars.
    • And they also cut the amount the elderly could keep and use as pocket money.
    • He was on the dole and earned ten shillings a week for pocket money.
    • I had given her my pocket money, all of twenty dollars, for a taxi.
    • Joining the army was also a search for escape, adventure, the wonder of exotic lands and the security of regular pocket money.
  • 2Britanico

    (for children)
    dinero de bolsillo masculino
    mesada femenino América Latina
    domingo masculino México
    propina femenino Perú
    • Parents are also advised to know where their teenagers are at all times and to be responsible in regard to giving them pocket money.
    • Giving them regular pocket money or an allowance enables them to learn how to manage their money.
    • The average weekly sum for pocket money from parents is now £1.87.
    • He encouraged his children to grow vegetables and raise animals for sale - the profits were their pocket money.
    • His dad brought him into the office and he'd been saving bits of his pocket money to donate to the appeal.
    • It was at this stage that he became interested in astronomy and saved his pocket money to buy himself materials such as lens from which he could construct a telescope.
    • If they want that latest CD or video game they can - but they have to set aside some of their pocket money every week and save up for it.
    • People have been queueing up to donate, including children donating pocket money and pensioners giving their allowances.
    • I'm saving my pocket money for the next time the fair comes to town.
    • Over the last two weeks the young people saved their own pocket money to fill the hampers, and then went shopping to buy the food and toys.
    • When I was but a young boy I saved up my pocket money to buy all my own decorations for my room, creating in essence my own personal grotto.
    • For doing our work around the house and farm we children were paid a small sum of pocket money, some of which had to be banked each week.
    • I mentioned that although he didn't seem to get on with his parents, he always had plenty of pocket money off them.
    • When I was a kid I saved up my pocket money in a jar, so I could afford to go out and buy this album.
    • Children put their pocket money into a bank account to save up to buy a bicycle.
    • School bank accounts were available and many children banked small amounts from their pocket money each week to learn the habit of saving.
    • There was no pocket money for Peter or his brothers and sisters.