Traducción de pockmark en Español:


marca de viruela, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɒkmɑːk//ˈpɑkˌmɑrk/


  • 1

    (on face, body)
    marca de viruela femenino
    viruela femenino
    her face was covered with pockmarks tenía la cara picada de viruela(s)
    • I scrutinized the telltale pockmarks decorating his body.
    • His wrinkly old skin held pockmarks and warts and scabs, and he had a large crooked nose.
    • Scabs, blemishes, and pockmarks pervaded the rest of his face.
    • A murderer was described as a black man with dark skin, an Afro haircut, moustache, and pockmarks.
    • The actress has had a terrible acne problem since high school; her cheeks and forehead are littered with unfortunate pockmarks.
    • For years, he was known as rugged looking and photogenic, but in the course of the campaign he was struck by a severe internal illness that also appeared as discoloration, pockmarks and partial paralysis in his face.
    • ‘Even without scratching spots on the face can leave the familiar pockmark scars,’ she said.
    • In an attempt to look enthusiastic, he smiled, but only managed to accentuate his lined face with its moonscape of pockmarks.
    • His face was pitted with pockmarks.
    • They reported bodies everywhere, in the water and on the rocks, in caves and at abandoned campsites, the survivors disfigured by ugly pockmarks.
    • A shy, quiet laugh from Werner, his thin face with its pockmarks suffused by the joy that love gives.
    • Frequently covered in zits, freckles and pockmarks, his character's faces are detailed in their expressiveness without being overly polished.
    • On his chin was an enormous pockmark, and surprisingly, a well-trimmed beard.
  • 2

    (pit, hole)
    agujero masculino
    hoyo masculino
    • Numerous adventurers tried to break it open by taking pot shots at it, leaving nothing but pockmarks on what's actually solid stone.
    • Such graffiti on a building or work of art would be considered a shame; to adorn these beautiful brown heavenly forms with such pockmarks is sinful and should be publicly discouraged.
    • I'm talking about wear and tear - just faint pockmarks - within the track area.
    • Sizzling chunks of shrapnel tore through plaster facades, leaving pockmarks on the interior wall.
    • You are stepping on a ‘war map’ made from bullet tracings and pockmarks that still exist on some buildings.
    • Buildings still exhibited pockmarks from shelling during the war.
    • She quietly reads a book, oblivious to the great pockmarks of peeling paint and disintegrating plaster of the moldy wall behind her.
    • The surface was covered with the tiny pockmarks of meteor strikes.
    • There were shrapnel pockmarks from bow to stern, and the main living area was just one enormous cavity of burnt wood, twisted metal and torn cables.