Traducción de pod en español:


vaina, n.

Pronunciación: /pɑd//pɒd/


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    (of peas, beans)
    vaina femenino
    • It's the customers' burden to strip the plants of pods and shell them of their beans.
    • After 48 days of growth, the number of flowers, buds, and seed pods on each plant was counted as a measure of the total flower number.
    • Place the carrots, cardamom pods and ginger in a saucepan and just cover with chicken stock.
    • Break open the cardamom pods, crush the seeds slightly, and add them to the onion mixture with the curry leaves.
    • The little bird pulled up a pod and peeled back the papery covering.
    • Late in the season, just as the seedpods begin to split, open a pod and gather the seeds.
    • Needs cool soil to produce flower stalks and pods, so plant early or wait until autumn.
    • Overall, plants with many pods fostered high densities of big-eyed bugs, which adversely affected the densities of aphids and most other herbivorous insects.
    • Pick shelling peas when the pods are fully plump and a fresh green colour.
    • Your aim is to allow the rosellas to simmer away gently, so that the flesh separates from the green seedpods without splitting the pods open and releasing the tiny white seeds inside.
    • The tender young leaves, flowers, and seed pods of this herb are often used in salads.
    • In the fall, plants produce and discard gorgeous seeds, seed pods, husks, and pinecones.
    • Split the round pods, soak seed overnight and plant in a small pot of moistened rooting mixture.
    • Studies of other aphid species have reported that pods are higher quality plant food than leaves.
    • Every spring it would blossom and by fall we'd find round, spiky, green pods covering the sidewalk.
    • Put tamarind pods in a small saucepan and barely cover with boiling water.
    • When the pods split open, hordes of seeds, each with their own fluffy parasail, are carried away on the breeze to a new home.
    • So I opened each pod one by one, plucking the beans inside.
    • These pods, when still young, are cut into short lengths and used in Indian curry dishes.
    • Mature pods split in two parts and released winged seeds.
    • At both harvests the numbers of pegs and pods per plant were counted.
    • They all produce attractive, carefree plants with pods full of seeds that are easily dried and stored.
    • Shoots were separated into leaves, stem, and flowers and pods.
    • Then the seeds from the pod are planted into a medium solution in small containers.
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    Industria aeroespacial Aviación
    tanque masculino
    • The Carrier and Marine variants can have an external gun pod fitted.
    • It was a pod that was streamlined for speed and 4 thrusters to propel it.
    • Tankers are fitted with tactical floodlights on the engine pylons, wing pods and the boom area to assist night-time refuelling operations.
    • There was one escape pod left, but Justin had no intention of leaving his most prized possession onboard this deathtrap.
    • The helicopter can be armed with two 80 mm rocket pods or two 7.62 mm or 12.7mm guns.
    • Then with little to no warning other then the escape pods the big ship combusted, thousands of little explosions led up to a massive bang as pieces of the ship sprayed outwards like a star exploding.
    • ‘I'm getting a heat source at the center of the hatchery,’ said the marine with missile pods.
    • The best he could hope for was to land in a lake or that the pod wouldn't break up as badly as most.
    • At 5: 00 p.m. two life rafts are inflated on the bow, and the aircraft drops a rescue pod.
    • Right away, he could tell that the vessel had a larger engine pod.
    • They tried to shoot in reply, to abandon the damaged vessels in escape pods, but could hardly run away from the crushing defeat.
    • The escape pod rocked from the turbulence created by the shock waves.
    • The large armored plates covering all her missile pods incase she took a hit there so the missiles wouldn't explode.
    • They felt the pod rock back and forth for a moment and then heard the sound of the hangar doors slide shut.
    • Outside the hotel one of the ships saw the escape pod launch.
    • The helicopter can be fitted with gun pods, rocket launchers and air-to-air missiles attached to two removable weapons sponsons.
    • According to the mission requirements, the helicopter can be armed with rockets, bombs and machine gun pods mounted on the weapon pylons on both sides of the fuselage.
    • Its 1,700-pound useful load allows for storage inside the spacious cabin or underneath the fuselage in a cargo pod.
    • We know he was on the station when the explosions started and reports of his escape pod launching were confirmed.
    • The unique fuselage pod had additional, if cramped, space for paratroopers, stretchers or freight.

verbo transitivo

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Traducción de POD en español:


cóbrese al entregar, other

Pronunciación: /ˌpiːəʊˈdiː//ˌpioʊˈdi/

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    cóbrese al entregar

    pay on delivery

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    impresión a pedido femenino
    impresión por demanda femenino

    print on demand