Traducción de point-blank en Español:


a quemarropa, adj.

Pronunciación /pɔɪntˈblaŋk//ˈpɔɪnt ˈˌblæŋk/


  • 1

    (shot) a quemarropa
    (shot) a boca de jarro
    at point-blank range a quemarropa
    • A catapult fired point-blank, and flames broke over the roiled water, but it was pointless.
    • In the blur of combat, he goes from heroic marksman to summary executioner, at one point preparing to finish off a disarmed youth with a point-blank shot.
    • Joshua screamed as another three soldiers came into the room and fired, point-blank, into the creature's stomach.
    • Firing at point-blank range, roughly one hundred militia men killed one of their opponents.
    • As soon as Kevin gave the order, they would fire at point-blank range at every ship that they could.
    • Before opening the vehicle, the police fired into it at point-blank range killing the boy.
    • Two point-blank shots are enough to destroy almost any vehicle.
    • A few minutes before the sunset and without firing any warning shots in the air or without prior effort to disperse the crowds gathered there, fire was opened from point-blank range at the assemblage.
    • Jarod stared in disbelief, then raised his weapon and fired point-blank at Gabriel's chest.
    • Another argument erupted, and one of the men pulled out a gun from his waist and fired at Jack at point-blank range.
    • Switching to its cannon, Stephanie attempted to deliver a point-blank shot, which would be within the MW field's range.
    • The new vest includes two 1.5kg inserts that protect the vital organs against 9mm submachine gun fire at point-blank range.
    • Why is it I'm dying from a shotgun blast from 10 feet away or so, but when I get a point-blank shot, people decidedly do not die?
    • In the presence of the German military attaché, one of these CHEKA officials fired five shots almost point-blank at the ambassador.
    • She pulled away at the last second, firing one, two, three shots point-blank into my side.
    • The troubles in Limerick city continue with the point-blank shooting of a 30-year-old in Moyross by two masked gunmen.
    • There was a vicious exchange at Stokesay castle, where adversaries fired at point-blank range between the castle and the church.
    • He fired point-blank into the ant's thorax, blowing the creature in half.
    • Alice knew they would wait until she was at point-blank range before opening fire.
    • He fired point-blank at the grinning skull resting against the doorpost.
  • 2

    (blunt, forceful)
    (refusal) rotundo
    (refusal) categórico
    (question) directo
    • As we were dancing, I thought how reassuring it was that Scott sensed my discomfort and instead of point-blank saying ‘Get over him,’ he tried to be more of the shoulder to cry on.
    • Even if it's yes, given that I am asked such a point-blank question at a volume audible to the other colleagues, I have to keep up the straight face, put on the steady voice, maintain the poise and give a negative answer.
    • I can't really identify what any of my boyfriends and I have had in common, but it was the first time someone had asked me point-blank, and I couldn't answer.
    • Such an assessment could be used, for example, to deny point-blank asylum applications from Tamil refugees in Sri Lanka.
    • A general strike, Leon Trotsky once wrote, poses the question of power point-blank.
    • And they got the point-blank answer from the North Koreans that, yes, they were and, in effect, what does the U.S. want to do about it?
    • ‘Then they told me that they wanted to ‘age’ the photographs of the man so I refused point-blank to let them have them.’
    • There was not an untrue word in the sentence, but it was not a point-blank denial.
    • And according to Helen Donovan, it's been made all the more difficult by the point-blank refusal to establish an International Crimes Tribunal.
    • I asked her point-blank whether she could get this message understood by her siblings.
    • But in the face of a furious grilling from a clutch of increasingly bewildered MPs - including Motherwell and Wishaw's Frank Roy - he refused point-blank to tell them the correct number to dial.
    • Nancy, I'm saying in mid-January, the police were asked the question point-blank, and they said yes, he's cooperating.
    • If Mother couldn't open up to Christina, especially in the face of a point-blank question, she couldn't open up to anyone.
    • No such luck; I was met with a point-blank refusal.
    • My brother had claimed Ryan wasn't a liar, but he was elusive so if I wanted to ask him a question, I'd have to do it point-blank.
    • What, then, is the status of the direct, point-blank parody of bureaucrats scurrying behind blue blinds?
    • I speak my mind, just like that, nakedly right out there in the open, shockingly point-blank in front of everybody.
    • But in an hour-long press conference which largely retrod the argument of yesterday's announcement, both men refused point-blank to comment on rumours of a new pact to pass the Labour leadership in return for entry to the euro.
    • The strategy could involve a point-blank refusal by landowners to give bodies such as power companies, councils or the Army access to their land.
    • During our interview, Tory rode the middle on most issues, qualifying his policy statements with casualness and indifference when questioned point-blank.


  • 1

    (at close range)
    (shoot) a quemarropa
    (shoot) a boca de jarro
  • 2

    (bluntly, forcefully)
    (deny/refuse) rotundamente
    (deny/refuse) categóricamente
    (refuse/deny) de plano
    (ask) a boca de jarro