Traducción de poised en Español:


Pronunciación /pɔɪzd//pɔɪzd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(balanced, suspended)

      poised in the air suspendido en el aire
      • they were waiting with pencils poised esperaban, lápiz en mano
      • poised on the brink of disaster al borde del desastre
      • her hand was poised above the receiver tenía la mano preparada para contestar el teléfono en cuanto sonara

    • 1.2(ready)

      the army was poised, ready to attack el ejército estaba listo para atacar
      • they are poised to break into the Japanese market están listos para irrumpir en el mercado japonés
      • the jaguar was poised for attack el jaguar estaba agazapado, listo para atacar
      • she is poised for a political comeback está lista para hacer su reaparición en la escena política
      • he was poised at the microphone estaba preparado frente al micrófono

  • 2

    for an 18-year-old she is very poised para una chica de 18 años tiene mucho aplomo / mucha desenvoltura
    • Britain's first mainstream female football presenter is cool, poised and confident.
    • Her aura of poised confidence was gone, leaving behind a tired air.
    • His poised, persuasive presentation won them over.
    • The Head RN merely arched a well-plucked eyebrow, and Cassie stood in the doorway as poised and silent as a statue.
    • He's a poised lad, very much in control of what he says and, ultimately, what we are allowed to know about him.
    • He could not imagine this calm, poised woman before him using language like that, but the young girl within her?
    • And for the first time today this remarkably poised young woman breaks out into a blush.
    • The end result: you look leaner, taller, more poised and confident.
    • For a brief moment, considering the embarrassing circumstances, I was pleased with my poised response.
    • The poised, confident young woman was tossed into a world of checkpoints, strip searches and interrogations.
    • By this stage the adrenaline had started pumping around my body, I felt I was ready for anything; alert and poised.
    • A tall, good-looking young man, poised and self-assured, Bassam is a Christian.
    • He is also a poised senior who makes 84.2 percent of his free throws.
    • Keira was always in control, always composed, poised and confident.
    • Jake's poised and assertive manner was diminishing before my very eyes.
    • Finding love and being a good companion are slightly more challenging projects for even such a poised and educated young lady.
    • Instead of his head falling away and legs imitating those of a drunk, he was poised and resolute, pulverising anything that came within his shot-radar.
    • She's like a child grown in a pod on Mars: far too poised and intelligent to resemble any kid from our planet.
    • In the picture, she looks entirely poised and comfortable.
    • I walked up poised and proud with tears shimmering in my eyes.