Traducción de poison en Español:


veneno, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɔɪz(ə)n//ˈpɔɪz(ə)n/


  • 1

    veneno masculino
    to take poison envenenarse
    • to hate sb like poison odiar a algn a muerte
    • Spencer's name was poison to him no podía ni oír mencionar el nombre de Spencer

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (person/animal) (with poison) envenenar
    (person/animal) (make ill) intoxicar
  • 2

    (blood) envenenar
    (cut) infectar
    • That law will remain in force, only now your duty will be to shoot or poison the fox.
    • Remember when they poisoned rabbits, it was horrible.
    • A scientist who served seven years in prison for trying to poison his wife has secured a job teaching ethics, university officials said today.
    • In 1993, he got himself into bother after poisoning the vet's dog.
    • The snake's venom poisoned the wolf and raven's blood.
    • Even dirty bombs are a myth, such devices, even if they could be made, would be unlikely to deliver enough radiation to poison one person.
    • However, preliminary results indicate that the dogs were poisoned.
    • Calgary's other local short is Breakfast In Bed by Christopher Hutchens, a bizarre story of a husband who poisons his wife - with a twist.
    • He tried to poison us like lower animals, like the mice that pester storybook villages, the insects that fly around the heads of those that I read about.
    • He poisoned his wife in January of that year and was eventually caught on an ocean liner to Canada in the July, becoming the first man to be caught using radio.
    • The real ones are far worse but I dare not mention them lest their owners or fans of the owners come around one night and burn my house down or poison my dog.
    • It was written and signed in June 1910 five months after he poisoned his wife.
    • Fears that someone could have been poisoning the rabbits have prompted the investigation after visitors spotted bodies lying about on the ground.
    • The dogs were poisoned as they sniffed their way along the beach and disturbed the creature.
    • I knew this and felt guilty about poisoning people with the nicotine.
    • When more conventional means to control them fails, he devises an elaborate revenge which culminates in his poisoning the dogs.
    • Towards the end, as he's dying of an undefined illness, we realize he picks up chicks by poisoning their pets but acting so super nice and stuff.
    • Before that two chital or spotted deer were poisoned.
    • A north Cotswold couple are warning pet owners of the dangers of using slug pellets in their gardens after their dog was poisoned.
    • One neighbourhood solved the problem by systematically poisoning the stray dogs with pesticides.
  • 3

    (soil/river) contaminar
    • Would any other industry be allowed to get away with selling contaminated and poisoned products to consumers and then blame them if they get sick?
    • It's chilling to consider that he felt the world to be so hostile that he believed his food was being poisoned and so stopped eating and so starved to death.
    • I thought for a moment as to whether to eat the food, in case it was poisoned.
    • Society is confronted daily with the anti-human nature of large-scale capitalist farming, which pollutes the environment and poisons the food supply.
    • On the Australian mainland, they killed them by giving them poisoned food and clothing contaminated by diseases they had never before experienced.
    • Witness how eagerly we accept the idea that our food is being poisoned by the suspect motivations and carelessness of industry, government and science.
    • When they are finished, my crockery and glassware are shattered, my kitchen shelves and cupboards are broken, the food in my pantry is poisoned, and even my house is wrecked.
    • The soul stirs and this awakening then initiates karma or action; a seed is sown for some future effect, for some future fruit, be that a sweet apple or one that is poisoned.
    • The supervisor, obviously worried about all the complaints, announced to the horrified children that the food might be poisoned.
    • In June 2002, following threats that their food would be poisoned, the men were unable to eat for a period of seven days.
    • If a barrel of apples contains just one poisoned apple, and you cannot tell outwardly which apple is the poisoned one, you must toss out the entire barrelful.
    • Anyone could walk in at any time and release a bio-agent that would spread from the chickens to humans, thus poisoning the food supply for who knows how many people.
    • In other cases, they will eat an egg or pheasant which has been poisoned and put out as bait.
    • There are of course chemicals that can be bad if their containers not properly disposed of and there is therefore a risk of contaminating groundwater or poisoning the environment.
    • Police in India are investigating the death of a Bradford businessman's father after he ate poisoned sweets on a train.
    • A North Yorkshire training company has been chosen to act as a safeguard against terrorists trying to poison the food chain.
    • Barons and lords glanced furtively at each other from down the table, ladies and nobles picked disinterestedly at their food as if suspecting it had been poisoned.
    • Michael never cooked, and if he did, the food would probably be poisoned.
    • Now, the evidence that I have put to this Court is a complaint to the Commissioner of Police with an analysis from the government department showing that my food had been poisoned.
    • Scary reports are all over the media here in southern California about some nutball who poisoned some baby food.
  • 4

    (make poisonous)
    a poisoned dart un dardo envenenado
    • I was especially wary of them this time, now that I knew their swords were poisoned, and dodged them as they attempted to advance on me.
    • But if someone made the effort to poison the arrow, it probably isn't a very good sign.
    • He was focusing more on the men who were standing behind Aric, about to shoot poisoned arrows, no less, at the king.
    • Duke Kingston developed a fever on their way back to the castle, and they soon figured out that the arrows had been poisoned.
    • During the rigged tournament, Claudius and Laertes give Hamlet a blunted sword while Laertes' weapon is sharpened and poisoned.
    • The Sultan's army was primarily light cavalry armed with crossbows that shot poisoned arrows.
    • Shamans say its very breath has power, and that the sound it utters when it gasps can send poisoned darts flying, as from a blowgun.
    • This plan calls for Hamlet and Laertes to have a mock sword fight, but Laertes will be using a real poisoned sword.
    • But this is still not all there is in combat, as you can poison your weapons or arrows to do even more damage.
    • I learned how to poison arrows, and how to set explosives in them.
    • These they hunt with blowpipes made from hardwood, from which they can shoot poisoned darts great distances with amazing accuracy.
    • That was easy, only three hundred poisoned darts were aimed at the traveler as he passed.
  • 5

    (society/mind) corromper
    (relationship/atmosphere) dañar
    (atmosphere/relationship) estropear
    to poison sb's mind against sb indisponer a algn contra algn
    • I believe their parents are definitely opposed to their daughters' stance, and may possibly be ready to sue the producer for poisoning the social atmosphere.
    • A massive management reshuffle followed the scandal and while the changes poisoned the atmosphere, the newsroom was not tamed.
    • And, if your opponent is indeed guilty of abusing those around him: It won't be long before he fatally poisons his campaign with destructive behavior.
    • The delays are poisoning the political atmosphere and daily making the prospects more and more dispiriting.
    • That's definitely poisoning the atmosphere on both sides.
    • If getting to young people before attitudes are irredeemably poisoned is the key, then All Saints, the area's secondary school, seemed to be providing a model.
    • The bombings poisoned the political atmosphere and deepened the social divide
    • The sizeable coaching staff is just one complaint on the list of gripes which is steadily poisoning the atmosphere in Dunfermline these days and fans would be in uproar if yet more back-up was employed.
    • It is not just adverse events that can poison a positive working atmosphere.
    • But I simply cannot remain silent and sit here and listen when a party that is trying to attain power at any cost poisons the relationship between the two peoples of this country.
    • Their bitterness poisons their attitude and their outlook on life.
    • Just the perception of unfairness is often enough to poison the atmosphere.
    • I don't pretend to be able to explain the bizarre political attitudes now poisoning much of Europe.
    • The city's protection of ‘the prefab block’ over private housing is poisoning the atmosphere and becoming a political mood killer.
    • In any case most observers believed the atmosphere was so poisoned that any ceasefire would be as meaningless as those which preceded it.
    • I can feel the evil being moving closer and poisoning the atmosphere.
    • Several former employees complained she could be imperious and unpleasant, which they say poisoned the work atmosphere.
    • We sorted it out, but it poisoned the atmosphere.
    • This assumption is the opposite of the odium theologicum that too often poisons the atmosphere of the church.
    • What I think it will do is poison the atmosphere in the American scientific and academic community in a way which is absolutely unconscionable.