Traducción de polar bear en Español:

polar bear

oso polar, n.


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    oso polar masculino
    • Aside from humans, their principal enemies are the polar bear and killer whale.
    • Given the large size of even subadult and young walrus, it is likely that only adult male polar bears would be able to exploit walrus as prey.
    • Along the way passengers were treated to a daily dose of Arctic wildlife, including polar bears, whales and walrus.
    • One of the earth's largest and most powerful carnivores, the polar bear is found in all the world's arctic seas and coastal lines.
    • The tusks also aid in hauling out on slippery ice-floes and can be used as weapons against polar bears and killer whales and for killing seals.
    • Big predator species such as the polar bear and wolf signify the biological health of the Arctic ecosystem.
    • Come face to face with polar bears, walruses, harbour seals and beluga whales.
    • Aside from sealers, their principal predators are Greenland sharks, killer whales, and polar bears.
    • Prowling the ice pack, a polar bear hunts for seals during summer's thaw, or take advantage of the open water to seek food.
    • The largest are the carnivorous polar bear, and arctic wolf and the herbivourous barren-land caribou and muskox.
    • I flew over gigantic glaciers and stood on the frozen Arctic Ocean where polar bears walk in search of seal holes, and patiently wait for a meal.
    • Along the way, there are little patches of rock, not even islands, more like mudflats, where there are birds, walruses and seals, and polar bears.
    • A hundred other wildlife species, from polar bears to Arctic foxes, also rely on this unique wild jewel.
    • If you doubt that, consider which bear will live more effectively if transported to the tropics - a polar bear or a black bear.
    • Multiple bear species, including polar bears and grizzlies, have been crossbred in zoos.
    • This spells bad news not only for Arctic peoples but for species like the polar bear, which hunts seals on the sea ice.
    • The Inuit were cutting up a walrus and packing the meat when a polar bear just showed up from nowhere.
    • That's how, years later, I ended up living side by side on this island with polar bears and walruses.
    • I'd been meaning to write a piece on it for years, ever since I read that someone had made a panda out of a black bear and a polar bear.
    • There are also caribou, wolves, walruses, polar bears and beluga whales.