Traducción de political en Español:


político, adj.

Pronunciación /pəˈlɪdək(ə)l//pəˈlɪtɪk(ə)l/


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    (prisoner/editor/correspondent) político
    this strike is clearly political es obvio que esta huelga obedece a motivos políticos
    • I'm not very political, I'm not a political animal no me interesa mucho la política
    • It had nothing to do with the public, or domestic or international political affairs.
    • Perhaps this is an obituary after all, for the loss of a mature political culture in which public service was its own enduring reward.
    • He has lectured and written extensively on Australian and West Australian political affairs.
    • That also explains why he's gone to America, a much bigger media market and an area more closely in tune with his political beliefs.
    • An egalitarian democratic ideal extends beyond public affairs and the political sphere.
    • Many closed trials which give rise to concern are those of a military or revolutionary nature when political crimes are discussed.
    • So I don't think there is such a close link between political stability and economic performance.
    • For the first time in a lot of years, the governor has stepped overtly into political affairs.
    • The political inquest mostly concerns what can be done to prevent known trouble-makers from travelling abroad.
    • These people need space to express their political and social concerns.
    • There are clearly several levels of political concerns that need to be considered in interpreting these tales.
    • He was a valuable board member with in depth knowledge of New Zealand economic and political affairs.
    • The ruler of the state, the khan, was in charge of foreign political affairs and was commander of the army in times of war.
    • Women make a significant contribution to social, political and economic affairs.
    • Is it a think tank session for economic and political stability in the Caribbean?
    • It appears to have been a device used to intervene in dramatic fashion in the nation's political affairs.
    • How do you see the region in terms of political and economic stability and opportunities for development?
    • One can never know precisely how personal experience motivates political values.
    • I wanted to create a space for new generations to voice their political and spiritual concerns, to excite and incite each other.
    • And the presenters, too, are proud to wear their political beliefs on their sleeves.
    • However, there has been some political concern recently over the cost of mobile phone calls in Ireland.
    • This makes me wonder whether people choose their political beliefs for their cultural meanings too.
    • I have political beliefs that not everybody agrees with, and they are entitled to disagree because that is democracy.
    • In contrast, the concern of the political movements was the changing of society.
    • We are told to trust un-elected technocrats, that political or popular concerns are invalid.
    • Today's exam system is motivated by political targets and explicitly therapeutic goals.
    • That meeting ended without any conclusion, but it did not allay concerns about political pressure.
    • Scotland's rebel MSPTommy Sheridan faces a second prison sentence for standing up for his political beliefs.
    • However, it was purely an intellectual exercise and not necessarily my own political beliefs.
    • She had a practical view on how political stability would benefit economic progress.
    • But in my experience, political and economic affairs tend to be a lot more complex than that.
    • Her political beliefs had been bolstered by her religious faith and she saw the emergence of a democratic society as a proper salvation.
    • Singer notes well the various analogies between mutation and more prosaic political and cultural concerns.
    • What the public wants now is political stability that may allow a quick recovery of the economy.
    • It is shifted out of the political public policy arena into bureaucratic programs.
    • The confrontation of opinions is the only hope for approaching rationality in political affairs.
    • An individual or group can initiate, or obstruct, public policy in many political arenas.
    • Membership was open to all Jewish workers regardless of political beliefs.
    • As doctors battled to find out what caused a sudden deterioration in his health, his political and personal affairs were in a mess.
    • And, they are not the ones who have a direct stake in the political affairs in their societies.