Traducción de politically correct en Español:

politically correct

políticamente correcto, adj.


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    políticamente correcto
    a politically correct term un término políticamente correcto
    • After the revolution, to be politically incorrect meant a death warrant.
    • We need frontiers of plain-speaking, even it's politically incorrect.
    • I know it's politically incorrect and guess what, under the circumstance I don't care.
    • I think many of those promoting it are using nauseatingly politically correct language.
    • In our liberal, politically correct country it is quite legal to butcher animals in this way.
    • It was, however, considered by the campus lefties to be politically incorrect and implied racism if you ever brought the issue up.
    • This bill is a quick attempt to become part of the international politically correct community.
    • I see these covert mechanisms as being akin to the development of politically correct language.
    • But the great relief for me is that, in liberal circles, it will no longer be politically incorrect to say no.
    • Marco, I consider most things in this country labeled as politically incorrect to be utter nonsense.
    • The twisted, subterranean, politically incorrect world of racism has reared its ugly head.
    • You can't even talk plain everyday facts anymore without someone telling you that you have been politically incorrect.
    • Is the source of my social ineptitude my use of politically incorrect terms and faux-feelings of identification with minority groups?
    • Labour has made it politically incorrect to have a view on these sorts of things.
    • Respect for the other is a key value in the official language of our modern, politically correct world.
    • Modern politically correct language often hides the significance of an act.
    • When people meet socially they don't always act or speak in a politically correct manner.
    • His dramatic Pentagon briefings caught the mood of the American public with his unashamed politically incorrect language.
    • Is it politically correct or socially valid to separate individuals according to gender?
    • He's asking you to laugh at things that are politically incorrect.