Traducción de politician en Español:


político, n.

Pronunciación /pɒlɪˈtɪʃ(ə)n//ˌpɑləˈtɪʃən/


  • 1

    político masculino
    política femenino
    • When this becomes a habit, it is a danger to the public, the politician and the police.
    • That is money in the bank for any politician seeking high office in America.
    • She is delivered to her father, a politician who presides over the policing of his town.
    • Isn't it funny how everyone likes to vote, except if it involves a politician?
    • Local politicians in Hampshire are this week being urged to lead the way in the field of fire safety.
    • Demonstrators hold up banners in their languages and local politicians speak them.
    • There can be no more damning accusation today than to accuse a politician of believing in politics.
    • Generations of local politicians fought for decent homes for all in this area.
    • They will come back with a vengeance if the politicians they have elected let them down.
    • Do the politicians we elect have the right to force us to live more healthily?
    • Each of the fifty states has a constitution and set of laws; each elects politicians.
    • There was a time when local politicians undertook civic duties as a way of serving the community.
    • This can be fatal in a politician, since politics is a matter of choosing your enemies carefully.
    • I am also surprised at the muted and fatalistic response so far from the local politicians.
    • Yes, I was not trained to become a minister or a politician, but you learn on the job.
    • We tend to elect politicians to change things, and then kick them when they do.
    • Some of our local politicians must also stop making excuses for these children.
    • It used to be possible to guess the political party of a politician by accent.
    • Sitting here in front of him in his Stormont Office, I see the formidable politician he has become.
    • You can't have people inferring a democratically elected politician is a terrorist.